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Capital MetroRail offers comfortable, friendly and reliable service Monday through Friday between Leander and downtown Austin, and from Lakeline to downtown on Saturday.

Many of the stations are also serviced by MetroBus, so it's easy to coordinate your trip from start to finish.

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Riding MetroRail

Find a Station

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Nine stations are located along the 32-mile line, and all trains stop at each station. If you'd like to drive your car and leave it at the station, use the Park & Ride lots at the Leander, Lakeline and Howard stations.

Buy Your Fare

You can get your ticket or value pass ahead of time - which we recommend - or buy it at the train station. 

Fares may be purchased in advance online, on the CapMetro Appat the Transit Store, or at retail outlets all around town.

Be sure to validate your pre-purchased fare at a station validator on the train platform before you board! Tickets and passes purchased from the ticket vending machine at the train stations are already validated. Our ticket vending machines do not take credit or debit cards. You may use cash or a Stored Value Card to purchase your pass.

Taking a Bike Along?

Bikes are always welcome on MetroRail! When trains are full, bikes are limited to eight total per train or four per compartment. Hook your bike on the racks provided and have a seat, or if you prefer, stay with your bike in the standing room section. Please check out all the rules for taking your bike on the train here.

Board the Train

a woman reading a book with two small childrenTrains arriving at the station are announced as the train approaches. When your train gets there, just move to the area behind the white boarding line and prepare to board. It makes for an easier flow if arriving passengers are allowed to get off before boarding begins. The train doors open and close automatically, so keep that in mind when you board – and also later when you exit.

Now just find a seat and enjoy the ride! As a courtesy to seniors and persons with disabilities, we always reserve the lower-level front seats of our trains for their use. If all the seats are taken when you get on, you'll find areas in each car where you can stand.

An important note

Please keep your fare handy, as random checks are sometimes made to ensure only ticketed passengers are riding. If you don't have a valid ticket or pass, you may be asked to leave at the next station, or be fined.

Go Out and Enjoy Your Day – Or Night!

We hope your trip was a pleasant one. If you'd like to transfer to a MetroBus after leaving the train, you'll find full schedule information located on the station platform.