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Access Advisory Committee

The Access Advisory Committee is appointed by the board of directors to provide guidance and advice on how to better serve riders with special needs, such as customers with disabilities, language barriers, or other challenges to the normal riding experience.

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Committee Guidelines

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The Capital Metro board of directors has the authority to establish advisory committees consisting of resident citizens of the Authority's territory and pursuant to Section 451 of the Texas Transportation Code. The board has adopted a new Advisory Committees Policy and Procedures (Resolution #1665, September 24, 2010), which is explained below.

The Access Advisory Committee will consist of nine members. The members of each of the advisory committees will be appointed by each member of the Capital Metro board of directors. The chairman of the board has two appointments and each of the other members of the board of directors has one appointment. Members of the committee will serve at the will of their appointing board member and their term shall end with the end of their appointing member's term.

The committee representatives will represent diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests, including, but not limited to, those who may be limited English speaking or who have disabilities, or who have different levels of experience with public policy and group decision making. These members must live in the Capital Metro service area. There is a preference that members be transit users and may include residents, business owners and other key stakeholders concerned about transit service in the service area.

As per statutory requirements, each member of the Capital Metro board of directors will select their appointees based on a recommendation from Capital Metro's President/CEO.

The Access Advisory Committee reports directly to the board of directors.

The roles and responsibilities of the Access Advisory Committee are to:

  • Serve as a resource to Capital Metro in promoting and educating the public regarding acceptance and usage of the transit system across jurisdictions and in suburban communities.
  • Provide a sounding board for innovative practices and ideas on specific topics of importance to the agency.
The Access Advisory Committee regularly passes resolutions which advise the Capital Metro Board of Directors on upcoming service changes, programs, and policies related to individuals with disabilities.

The Access Advisory Committee's highest level of authority is to provide advice and recommendations to the board of directors. A member of any one of the advisory committees may not act in an official capacity except through the action of the board.