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Board Meetings

The Capital Metro Board of Directors works hard to stay in touch with all of the communities we serve. The Board holds regular public meetings, and the public is always welcome to attend to share ideas and feedback. In fact, we encourage it! For your convenience, Board meetings are televised on ATXN Channel 6 (check the schedule for show times). 

ADA COMPLIANCE: Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications are provided upon request.  Please call (512)389-7458 or e-mail if you need more information.

For more information on the Capital Metro Board of Directors, please visit the Leadership page.

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Upcoming Board Meetings and Events

Board Meetings: 

April 22, 2016 Work Session Meeting 

April 25, 2016; Noon Board Meeting Posting

April 25, 2016 Board Packet

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Scheduled 2016 Board Meetings

F/A/A Committee O/P/S Committee Full Board Meeting
10 a.m. to noon 12:30-2:30 p.m. Noon to 3 p.m.
January  Cancelled Wednesday, 1/13 Monday, 1/25
February Wednesday, 2/10 Wednesday, 2/10 Monday, 2/22
March Wednesday, 3/9 Wednesday, 3/9 Monday, 3/21
April Wednesday, 4/13 Wednesday, 4/13 Monday, 4/25
May Wednesday, 5/11 Wednesday, 5/11 Monday, 5/23
June Wednesday, 6/15 Wednesday, 6/15 Monday, 6/27
July Wednesday, 7/13 Wednesday, 7/13 Monday, 7/25
August Wednesday, 8/10 Wednesday, 8/10 Monday, 8/22
September Wednesday, 9/7 Wednesday, 9/7 Monday, 9/26
October Friday, 10/14 Friday, 10/14 Monday, 10/24
November Monday, 11/7 Monday, 11/7 Wednesday, 11/16
December Monday, 12/5 Monday, 12/5 Wednesday, 12/14

NOTE: All dates and times of the meetings are subject to change. Please see the posted agenda for changes to the order of business, i.e. Public Comments first, Advisory Reports second and Regular Business third. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications are provided upon request.  For more information, please call or email Gina Estrada, Executive Assistant/Board Liaison at (512) 389-7458.