Premium Service at a Local Price

Capital Metro is removing the Premium fare level and making MetroRapid and MetroFlyer services available for the price of a Local fare.

What’s happening?

Beginning January 8, Capital Metro will do away with the Premium fare level and transition to just two fares: Local and Commuter.

What’s it gonna cost?

The Local fare is $1.25 for a Single Ride ticket. A Day Pass will run you $2.50, and if you want to get a week’s fare or buy a 31-Day Pass, that’ll cost you $11.25 and $41.25, respectively.

What does that mean for me, a Capital Metro rider?

It means that you’ll have an easier time figuring out which ticket to buy when you want to ride a bus. Enjoy more routes at the same Local price so you can travel to more destinations and easily transfer without having to buy a different pass. And, if you’re a regular MetroRapid or Flyer route rider, then you will now save a bit of money.

So, which ticket do I need to buy?

It’s simple. If you want to ride MetroRail or take one of our MetroExpress buses, then you purchase a Commuter fare. For literally everything else, you buy a Local fare.

Literally everything else?

Well, pretty much everything else. We offer a lot of services, and there are different fare structures for MetroRideShare and MetroAccess. But, for every other bus service we offer, you pay the Local price.

What are the new Local services, exactly?

MetroFlyer routes take you to the airport or from the edges of the city into downtown with fewer stops, which means you get to your destination faster. Our MetroRapid lines operate frequently, every 15 minutes or less, and travel north and south along Austin’s busiest corridors: North Lamar to South Congress and Burnet Road to South Lamar.

OK, sounds good. So, why are you doing this again?

The decision came out of the Connections 2025 process. That’s the latest version of our 5-year planning study. It will transform our bus system to make it more frequent, more reliable and more connected. We also wanted to make it easier to use all of our services and for riders to transfer from one service to another. The removal of the Premium level will result in an easier-to-understand fare structure and a simpler-to-use transit system.

But, I like to buy monthly passes. What should I do before that fare goes away?

This fare change is scheduled for implementation in January 2017. So, it’s important to keep this in mind when buying a pass in December. Premium passes will no longer be necessary after Jan. 8, 2017. We recommend you don’t buy a monthly pass after Dec. 8, or you’ll end up paying extra for the new Local service at the end of the month. We recommend you buy 7-Day Passes, a Day Pass or Single Ride tickets until the fare change.

Premium passes will no longer be sold in retail outlets after Dec. 15. You will still be able to buy them at the Transit Store or on the CapMetro App.