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Fare Structure Changes

Capital Metro now offers three main fare categories to make it easier for you to choose and pay for the specific service you would like to ride. View our simple infographic on the right that shows the fare categories and the services available with each.

Check out our brochures for both new fares and new reduced fares.

New CapMetro App is now available! Download for FREE in the Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store to easily buy passes and plan your trip on the go.


Pass 2014 Changes Increase
Local Bus Service
Cash Fare $ 1.00 No Change
Reduced Fare   $ .50 No Change 
Day Pass $ 2.00 No Change
Reduced Fare
Day Pass
$ 1.00 No Change
7 Day Pass $ 9.00 No Change
31 Day Pass $ 33.00 + $ 3.00
Reduced Fare
31 Day Pass
$16.50 + $1.50
Premium Service
Cash Fare $1.50 New
Reduced Fare $.75 New
Day Pass $ 3.00 New
Reduced Fare
Day Pass
$ 1.50 New
7 Day Pass $13.50 New
31 Day Pass $ 49.50 New
Reduced Fare
31 Day Pass 
$ 24.75 New
Commuter Service
Cash Fare $ 2.75 No Change
Reduced Fare $1.35 No Change
Day Pass $ 5.50 No Change
Reduced Fare
Day Pass
$2.75 No Change
7 Day Pass $ 22.00 + $2.00
31 Day Pass $77.00 + $13.00
Reduced Fare
31 Day Pass
$ 38.50 + $6.50
MetroAccess Service
Single Ride $1.50 No Change
10-Ride Booklet $15 No Change
31 Day Pass $40 No Change

Changes to Fares in 2014

Effective Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, you can now purchase fares from three main service categories: Local, Premium and Commuter. 

Buy a Local Fare 

Capital Metro’s primary service is our Local service, with over 80 routes covering a service area of more than 500-square-miles across Central Texas. Our Local service operates throughout neighborhoods across the service area, making frequent stops to get you closer to your destination. 
Buy a Premium Fare 

Capital Metro's new Premium fare offers limited-stop service with more direct routes. Premium service includes all Flyer routes 100 – 199, like the MetroAirport and the Oak Hill Flyer, as well as our newest service, MetroRapid.

MetroRapid Route 801 North Lamar/South Congress connects major hubs and neighborhoods along one of the busiest corridors in central Austin. Amenities include shaded and lighted stations, free onboard Wi-Fi, signal priority technology that keeps lights green longer, three-door boarding, downtown transit-priority lanes and real-time arrival* information. Find out more at

Buy a Commuter Fare 

Commuter riders can enjoy MetroRail and our Express services, which are designed for longer trips. These services include onboard amenities like more comfortable seating, limited stops and free onboard Wi-Fi.

MetoRail riders now enjoy a more simple fare system by paying a flat $2.75 fare for single rides throughout the line.

MetroRail riders purchasing a Single Ride Pass that want to transfer to a Local or Rail Connector bus are now required to pay for an additional Single Ride fare. Or, purchase a Commuter Day Pass and use one ticket for unlimited rail and all bus services, including MetroRapid. 

MetroAccess Service 

Capital Metro now has a new fare option – a Single Ride pass – that allows for more flexibility in trip planning.  MetroAccess fares will not change in 2014 but are, however, scheduled to increase in 2015. More details can be found at

Stored Value Card 

Capital Metro now offers new Stored Value Cards with "tap" technology. Fares can be deducted by simply tapping the card to the farebox. New Stored Value Cards will also be valid for use at MetroRail Ticket Vending Machines.

Pay $20 for $20 of value OR pay $40 for $40 of value 

*Stored Value Card not valid on MetroAccess. 

UT/ACC/City of Austin Partnerships 

In the new fare system, Capital Metro continues its existing partnerships with UT, ACC and the City of Austin. Riders do not have to pay additional fare for riding services like the new MetroRapid Route 801. If you are a UT, ACC or City of Austin rider, you simply need to have respective pass and ID when riding. (UT riders require ID only, which is swiped as pass.)