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Transit Oriented Development

Our Plans for a Better Transit Experience

A group of children on the bus

We are dedicated to meeting the public transit needs of the Austin area. Most of us live here and many of us ride transit. So we understand first-hand the need to relieve congestion on our streets, provide quality transportation options to our fellow citizens, and to serve the community by participating in regional transit planning.

The leadership of Capital Metro has provided four key principles that guide both our day-to-day operations and our long-range plans.

Provide a Great Customer Experience
We strive to create a positive public transit experience for all of our riders.

Improve our Business Practices
As stewards of public funds, we aim for the most efficient and productive use of our resources to serve the community.

Demonstrate the Value of Public Transportation in an Active Community
We want to use our public transit system to help to our communities remain great places to live, work and play.

Be a Regional Leader
Through our partnerships with the City of Austin and other regional transit and planning authorities, we seek solutions to the big problems facing the Greater Austin area.

Five-Year Strategic Plan

In 2011, Capital Metro adopted a strategic plan that includes a new vision, mission and four key goals to guide the agency. The goals and objectives are tied directly to Capital Metro's operating and capital budgets.

Download our 2014-2019 Strategic Plan Overview Report to learn more about how Capital Metro is proactively designing the future of Austin's public transportation network.