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Introducing MetroBike Shelters

You love your effortless, on-time ride with MetroRail or MetroRapid, but we know you have another sweet ride of the two-wheel variety. We want to show your bike some love, too, with our seven MetroBike Shelters conveniently located at popular MetroRail and MetroRapid stations.

We Love Bikes

MetroBike Shelter is at your service when:

  • you don't feel like standing with your bike on the train.
  • you're feeling extra kind towards riders without bikes (1 person with a bike takes the space of 4 people standing).
  • you know it's going to be too packed to board with your bike.
  • you don't want to leave your bike out in the rain.
  • you just don't feel like lugging your two-wheeled baby all the way home.

MetroBike interior

Shelter features include:

  • Secured, limited card key access.
  • Fully enclosed bike parking for up to 24 bikes.
  • Open 5:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m. seven days a week.
  • 24-hour camera surveillance.
  • Sitting area for changing shoes, etc.
  • Work stand and tools for minor bike repairs.
  • Discounted, limited-time-only introductory pricing.

Secure card access:

For a limited time only, you can purchase one year of secure access toall of our seven MetroBike Sheltersfor the introductory low price of $30. Sign up today. The cards can only be purchased online, and your new card will be mailed to you within the week!

MetroBike Shelter locations:

You can showyour bike the love atMetroRail and MetroRapid stations all over town.

On MetroRail:

  • Kramer Station
  • Lakeline Station
  • MLK, Jr. Station
  • Plaza Saltillo Station
  • Highland Station

On MetroRapid:

  • Tech Ridge Park & Ride
  • South Congress Transit Center
Bike Love
Kramer Station Shelter Diagram