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MetroRapid - Connecting the Best of the ATX

MetroRapid: Austin's newest experience in transit

MetroRapid's mix of new vehicles, stations and technologies delivers a more convenient, productive and flexible ride to commuters wanting to connect to the best of the ATX  

What makes MetroRapid different?

Traffic signal with green light 

Priority Service
Your time is important to us. MetroRapid offers a longer span of service, more frequent arrivals and other technologies to make sure your trip is as quick and on-time as possible. Onboard signal priority technology holds traffic lights green a little longer when a vehicle is running behind schedule, and dedicated traffic lanes through the busy downtown core work together to keep you moving.  


Woman with smartphone and Cap Metro on its screen 

Mobile Ticketing and Tracking
Your smartphone is your ticket to ride with Capital Metro's new mobile app. Available on most smart devices, the app offers you real-time* arrival information, trip planning, auto locate features to find the stop or station closest to you, and other great features to make riding easy. After purchasing your pass, your phone becomes your ticket, allowing you to board vehicles at any of the three entrances. Called the CapMetro App, it can be downloaded through the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. 


MetroRapid Station 

Unique and Comfortable Stations
Designed just for MetroRapid, the new stations feature electronic displays that provide real-time* arrival information of the next vehicle, canopies to protect you from the sun and rain, lighting for safety and seating.  



MetroRapid Vehicle Small 

Fewer Stops, More Often
With MetroRapid, you'll never wait too long, because with fewer stops, vehicles arrive more often. Frequency during weekday peak hours is every 12-15 minutes and every 15-20 minutes at other times. On weekends, vehicles run every 20-30 minutes.  


Man with a laptop on a bus 

Free Wi-Fi
Need to send an email or check the latest sports score? No problem. Wi-Fi onboard every vehicle lets you be more productive. So, sit back and relax while you watch a video, update your social media status, scan the news, or any number of online activities. 

MetroRapid Vehicle Interior 

A Sleek New Ride
MetroRapid vehicles feature new colors and enhanced interiors. Vehicles along Route 801 have three extra-wide doors for faster boarding, while vehicles on Route 803 have two extra-wide doors. The upgraded vehicles also feature fully padded seats, extra headroom, higher ceilings and LED lighting to give passengers a premium experience. All of the vehicles on Route 801 are 60-feet long – enough to hold 101 riders – with a flexible, accordion-style middle section to make turning easier. Route 803 will operate service with new 40-foot vehicles, each accommodating 78 riders. 


*Real-time departure information refreshes within 90 seconds and traffic conditions may apply.