New Transit Options for a Greater Austin

Project Connect is a plan designed to create a system of high-capacity transit options that will connect people, places and opportunities in an affordable, efficient and sustainable way. Transit that travels the entire trip, or a portion of its trip, on a dedicated lane or guideway is considered high-capacity transit.

In the next two years, Project Connect will identify and evaluate potential transit projects. Capital Metro will work with local agencies, stakeholders and the public to identify high-capacity transit solutions that will improve travel into, out of and around Central Austin. We need your help to develop three key elements:

  1. Enhanced Service — Recommend improvements to existing high-capacity transit services (MetroRail, MetroRapid and MetroExpress, for example) that can be implemented quickly with limited financial impact to offer real solutions to driving alone in increasing traffic congestion.
  2. New Service — Identify new high-capacity transit projects that, together, will create a connected system of routes to move people faster, more efficiently and more sustainably. We will select from larger, bolder initiatives that have previously been proposed by Capital Metro, other public agencies and private organizations. They would require capital and operational funding, and have longer lead times for design and construction.
  3. Funding Strategies — Develop funding models that will help the community decide how to cover the costs associated with developing and maintaining this vital infrastructure. Paying for construction and long term operations of transit projects is a complex challenge.

Why Project Connect?

The purpose of Project Connect is to enhance existing high-capacity transit services and to select new high-capacity transit investment corridors. To more easily and efficiently connect people, places and opportunities, we need to address:

  1. Explosive growth
  2. Congestion
  3. Affordability
  4. Connectivity

Find out more about the goals for Project Connect.

How Can You Participate?

Public input is key to the success of Project Connect. We want to hear from you! Stay tuned for announcements about public involvement events and opportunities.

If you would like to send us feedback or request a project briefing, email us at

Javier Arguello at Capital Metro: | 512-389-7426
Joe Clemens at Capital Metro: | 512-369-6515