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Bus Stop Closures

From time to time, construction and other community projects prohibit Capital Metro from safely servicing a bus stop. Take a look below to determine if any of the long-term bus stop closures will affect your trip.

CLOSED BUS STOPS, Revised 12/03/2014
3Burnet/Manchaca2976SBSlaughter/United KingdomSlaughter/Palace Pkwy
Stop ID 3767
11/26/14Construction Ends
3Burnet/Manchaca5146SBSan Antonio/2ndGuadalupe/4th05/31/14Construction Ends
3Burnet/Manchaca809NB38th/Medical PkwyMedical/39 1/2
Stop ID 4128
10/31/14Construction Ends
4Montopolis5955EBRed River/5th4th/Trinity
Stop ID 5591
17Cesar Chavez5934NBRed River/4thRed River/6th
Stop ID 5935
 06/21/14Construction Ends
Stop ID 2094
07/28/14Construction Ends
37 OnlyColony/Windsor Park2761SBMLK/Red RiverSan Jacinto/Trinity Stop ID# 118104/14/14Red River Construction
201     Southpark Meadows5315SBCongress/DittmarCongress/Clearday
Stop ID 5312
10/20/14Construction Ends
228Burleson5252WBTodd Ln/Business CenterSt. Elmo/Industrial 
STOP ID 5258
08/08/14Construction Ends
228Burleson5254WBTodd Ln/Business CenterSt. Elmo/Industrial 
STOP ID 5258
08/08/14Construction Ends
228Burleson5255WBSt. Elmo/Todd LnSt. Elmo/Industrial 
STOP ID 5258
08/08/14Construction Ends
Stop ID 5978 (New)
10/31/14Construction Ends
801MetroRapid5872SBPleasant Hill Station
(Congress/Wm Cannon)
Stop ID 4381
11/15/14Construction Ends
670-CPVarious Routes 1710SB/OBRed River/18th1400 Red River/15th
Stop ID 1649
04/14/14Red River Construction
670-CPCrossing Place - UT2319IB600 E 15th/IH 35MLK/Red River 
Stop ID 2761
04/14/14Red River Construction
670-CPCrossing Place - UT5600OB15th/BrackenridgeMLK/Red River
Stop ID 5624
04/14/14Red River Construction
10, 20Various Routes1572NBRed River/MLKTrinity/15th, San Jacinto/21st or MLK/Trinity04/14/14Red River Construction
10, 20Various Routes4678NBRobert Dedman/20th 1/223rd/Robert Dedman 
Stop ID 5176
04/14/14Red River Construction
10, 20Various Routes5657SBRobert Dedman/20th23rd/Trinity
Stop ID 5173
04/14/14Red River Construction
10, 20 Various Routes3743NBLBJ Library/23rd23rd/Robert Dedman 
Stop ID 5176
04/14/14Red River Construction
111, 171Various Routes5146SBSan Antonio/2ndGuadalupe/5th05/31/14Construction Ends
10, 20, 37Various Routes1571NBRed River/15thRed River/Brackenridge 
Stop ID 1570
04/14/14Red River Construction
10, 20, 37Various Routes1710SBRed River/18th1400 Red River/15th
Stop ID 1649
04/14/14Red River Construction
670, 671, 672, 680Various Routes4593OBRobert Dedman/23rd670-23rd/Trinity
Stop ID 5173
06/03/14Construction Ends
670, 671, 672, 680Various Routes4593OBRobert Dedman/23rd671, 680-23rd/Trinity
Stop ID 5175
06/03/14Construction Ends
670, 671, 672, 680Various Routes4593OBRobert Dedman/23rd672-23rd/Trinity
Stop ID 5176
06/03/14Construction Ends
110, 111, 127, 142, 171, 935, 985, 987, 990Various Routes (Flyer and Express)5944NBLavaca/3rdMoved 1/2 block south11/30/14Construction Ends
7, 103, 110, 111, 127, 171Various Routes2494SBSan Jacinto/Dean KeetonSan Jacinto/24th
Stop ID 1178
08/21/14Construction Ends
801, 935, 985, 987, 142Various Routes2767NBRiverside/S. 1st
Auditorium Station
Riverside/Barton Springs
Stop ID 5942
01/01/14Construction Ends
7, 37, 100, 111, 127, 171, 663, 665, 935Various Routes866NBTrinity/18thTrinity/15th, San Jacinto/21st or MLK/Trinity05/02/14Red River Construction
1, 3, 5, 18, 19, 410, 481, 982, 983, 987Various Routes596NBGuadalupe/20thGuadalupe/West Mall
Stop ID 1042
10/30/14Construction Ends
3, 19, 22, 982, 983, 987Various Routes809NB38th/Medical Pkwy38th/Bailey
Stop ID 2086
10/31/14Construction Ends
Stop ID 5977 (New)
10/31/14Per Planning
171Oak Hill Flyer2598NBUS 290/Joe TannerUS 290/Old Fredricksburg09/10/14Per Planning
201Southpark Meadows5312SBCongress/CleardayWilliam Cannon/North Bluff 
Stop ID 555
11/15/14Per Planning
Stop ID 5974
10/15/14Per Planning
383Research3841SBReseach/LazyNew stop-
Research/Anderson Square
Stop ID 5969
07/11/14Per Planning
383Lamar/45th4132NBLamar/41stLamar/39 1/2th
Stop ID 4830 (Rosedale Station)
09/15/14Per Planning
Stop ID 4831 (Rosedale Station)
09/15/14Per Planning
5Woodrow/South Fifth1765NBGarden Villa/AudreyGarden Villa/Cardinal 
Stop ID 1766 or
Garden Villa/South Center
Stop ID 1764
09/19/14Per Planning
19Bull Creek1915SBMesa/BurneyMesa/Paint Rock
Stop ID 4576
09/19/14Per Planning
323Anderson5946EBUS 290/SpringdaleTuscany Way/US 290
Stop ID 5811
09/19/14Per Planning
Stop ID 252
21/22Exposition/Chicon5933CWRed River/Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez/Red River
Stop ID 4175
484, 485, 486Night Owls ONLY2649OB6th/Lavaca6th/Congress
Stop ID 5158
09/04/14Per Planning
Construction/Road Closures
Wooldridge Station (Northside)
Stop ID 5965
06/19/14Construction Ends