Stop ID: 3743

Southeast Corner of LBJ LIBRARY and 23RD - Nearside


All times are estimated. Please arrive at your stop 5 to 10 minutes early.

UT Registration (105-4801)

Route 641 - EC East Campus, Westbound

7:55am 8:15am 8:35am 8:55am 9:15am 9:35am 9:55am 10:15am 10:35am 10:55am 11:15am 11:35am 11:55am 12:15pm 12:35pm 12:55pm 1:15pm 1:35pm 1:55pm 2:15pm 2:35pm 2:55pm 3:15pm 3:35pm 3:55pm 4:15pm 4:35pm 4:55pm 5:15pm 5:35pm 5:55pm

UT Summer Weekday (105-5001)

Route 641 - EC East Campus, Westbound

7:30am 7:50am 8:10am 8:30am 8:50am 9:10am 9:30am 9:50am 10:10am 10:30am 10:50am 11:10am 11:30am 11:50am 12:10pm 12:30pm 12:50pm 1:10pm 1:30pm 1:50pm 2:10pm 2:30pm 2:50pm 3:10pm 3:30pm 3:50pm 4:10pm 4:30pm 4:50pm 5:10pm 5:30pm 5:50pm 6:37pm 7:17pm 7:57pm 8:37pm 9:17pm 9:57pm 10:37pm