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Transit Strike Information

Capital Metro is preparing for a transit strike by some members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091 (ATU 1091) against McDonald Transit, which operates approximately 70 percent of Capital Metro’s fixed-route bus service.

We cannot predict when or if a transit strike may occur; however, in the event of a strike, Capital Metro is prepared to operate a modified level of transit service, concentrating operations on the busiest routes and those that serve major destinations such as hospitals, schools, the central business district, and areas with a high number of transit-dependent riders. 

Capital Metro has developed contingency plans with its contractors that will keep as much transit service operating as possible should a strike occur, so we can minimize the impact to our customers.

Services that would NOT be affected by a strike include:

  • MetroRail service
  • MetroRail Connector service
  • UT shuttles
  • MetroAccess service

These services would run their normal, posted schedules.

How to Get More Information

As we know more about if this strike will occur we will update this site, and you can stay up to date even faster by following us on Twitter @CapMetroATX, checking in on our Facebook page, and joining our e-mail list.

This information is subject to change, and is accurate as of 11/14/12.