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TCLC transparency gold star

TCLC Gold Star Transparency
We are proud to be part of this program, which recognizes local governments across Texas that strive to meet a high standard for financial transparency online. Capital Metro has achieved the gold standard four years running.

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Finance and Audit Info

At Capital Metro, we strive for the highest possible degree of online financial transparency.

We invite you to participate in our budget development for the coming year. Join us at one of our upcoming public engagement opportunities to review and provide feedback on the FY2015 Budget

Budget and Financial Info

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

Revenue - Budgeted $283,839,302

2014 Revenue Pie Chart

Service Area Sales Tax: 64.2% - Estimated $182,159,158

Operating Grants: 10.2% - Estimated $28,974,890

Passenger Fares: 6.8% - Estimated $19,161,920

Fund Balance: 5.3% - Estimated $15,080,401

MetroRapid Grant: 5.2% - Estimated $14,744,992

Capital Grant: 5.0% - Estimated $14,301,991

Freight Revenue: 1.7% - Estimated $4,844,490

Other Revenue: 1.3% - Estimated $3,571,460

TXDOT Reimbursement: 0.3% - Estimated $1,000,000


Operating Expenditures - Budgeted $283,839,302

2014 Expenditure Pie Chart

Operations: 73.1% - Estimated $207,384,921

Capital Expenses: 20.9% - Estimated $59,419,352

Interlocal Agreements: 4.4% - Estimated $12,537,409

Loan Payments: 1.6% - Estimated $4,497,620


Annual Budgets

The annual budget provides for the day-to-day operations of Capital Metro, including salaries, benefits, services, materials, equipment and construction projects. Capital Metro's fiscal year is October 1 -September 30.

Monthly Financial Status Reports

These reports contain monthly income statements, budget variances by department, capital project expenditures, and projected cash flows for the current fiscal year.

Stimulus Funding

Learn how Capital Metro is using $26.1 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Executive Pay (Base Salaries)

  • Linda Watson, Chief Executive Officer * - $261,189/yr
  • Elaine Timbes, Deputy Chief Operating Officer * - $198,980/yr
  • Melvin Clark, VP Rail Operations - $157,466/yr
  • Todd Hemingson, VP Strategic Planning & Development - $157,312/yr
  • Dan Dawson, VP, Marketing and Communications - $159,247/yr
  • John Hodges, VP, Real Estate & Asset Management - $153,387/yr
  • Donna Simmons, VP, Administration & Risk Management Compliance & Interim CFO - $166,192/yr
  • Ken Cartwright, VP, Capital Construction & Engineering - $152,550/yr
  • Dottie Watkins, VP, Bus & Paratransit Services - $152,550/yr
  • Caroline Beyer, VP Internal Audit - $135,587/yr
  • Joe Iannello, Chief Information Officer - $165,485/yr
  • Kerri Butcher, Chief Counsel - $141,993/yr
  • Gerardo Castillo - Chief of Staff - $139,307/yr

* Base salary does not include deferred compensation