About Cap Remap

On June 3, we’ll remake Austin’s transit map, putting in place the biggest changes ever to Capital Metro’s bus service. Cap Remap will make our buses more frequent, more reliable and better connected. Our board of directors approved the changes in 2017 after two years of planning and community input.

More Frequent

  • 14 High-Frequency Routes
  • Departures at least every 15 minutes
  • 7 days a week

More Reliable

  • More direct routing
  • Eliminates route deviations within neighborhoods
  • Easier to understand system

Better Connected

  • Routes designed to work as a system
  • Decreased waiting time for your next bus
  • Riders able to transfer with more confidence
  • To prepare for these changes, we’ve put up some new signs, and it’s important for you to understand what they’re telling you. The new bus network will launch on June 3, but the work it takes to make that a reality doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll soon begin to see updated permanent signage at some stops, before the actual June Service change.

    Here’s what the signs mean for you:

    a green sign means service is changing at this stop

    The Green Signs

    If you see these signs, that means some service at the stop is changing. Maybe a new route will serve that location, or maybe a current route is being removed. It could also be as simple as a new name for an existing bus route.

    a pink sign means service is being removed from this stop

    The Pink Signs

    If this sign is at your stop, that means CapMetro is removing service from that location. We may be able to identify another stop — perhaps just a short walk away — where you can catch the bus. We are here to help you prepare for the change. Check CapMetro.org/Remap or call the GO Line at 512-474-1200 for help.

    a blue and orange sign shows current service for signs that are being replaced

    The Blue & Orange Signs

    Now that we have begun to place our new permanent bus stop signs, you’ll also see these signs attached to the new poles. On the top of the poles, the permanent metal signs will display routes that serve the stop beginning June 3. The routes displayed on this temporary plastic sign show the routes that currently serve the stop. They are different from what's coming in June, whether a route will be removed from the stop or even if a bus route's name will change.

    a yellow sign indicates a new stop

    The Yellow Signs

    These signs indicate a new bus stop will be coming on June 3. The routes that will serve the stop are displayed on the permanent signage at the top of the bus stop pole.

  • Every June, Capital Metro transitions UT Shuttle, E-Bus service and select trips on Local routes from in-school session service levels to summer schedules to accommodate the decreased demand.

    UT Shuttles

    All UT Shuttles will transition to summer schedules from full service based on university calendars. Also, UT Shuttle Route 653 Red River will be eliminated, with its service replaced by Frequent Local Route 10.

    E-Bus service

    E-Bus service will be suspended during the summer session.

    Local Routes

    All school-related weekday trips on the following routes will be suspended during the summer.

    In August, Route 4 will implement school-related weekday trips to Austin High and Eastside Memorial High; Route 17 will implement school-related weekday trips to Allison Elementary; and Route 333 will implement school-related weekday trips to Perez Elementary. Additionals school trips may be added on other routes as demand warrants.