Learn How to Use The App's Features

All the app's features are made easy with our online tutorial slide show.
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  • Welcome to the App

    Real-time* arrival information refreshes within 90 seconds and traffic conditions may apply.

  • Ready, set, go

    Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will see the home screen. You are ready to use the app to plan trips, see bus schedules, route maps and access Capital Metro advisories.

  • in-app tutorials

    You will be greeted with one of the app's tutorials to help you understand and use the features of the app. If you want to access these tutorials later, you can view again by visiting the "Info and Settings" section of the app. You can also access different sections of the app by touching the icon for the app menu.

  • create an account

    To purchase passes you must first create a user account. Tap on the "Sign up with email address" button for sign-in screen. Fill out all the information and tap the "Sign Up" button. You will then be asked to create a PIN to protect sensitive billing information and buying and using tickets.

  • purchase passes

    After creating your account, setting your PIN and signing-in, you are ready to purchase passes. To purchase passes, simply select "Buy Tickets" and follow the prompts.

  • select fare type

    First, choose the ticket pass for the highest level of service you expect to ride. Icons and text on this screen give you the available options. You can choose Local (Local Routes 1-99, 200-240 and UT Shuttle Service), Premium, (MetroRapid, Flyer Routes + Local Service), Commuter (MetroExpress & MetroRail + Local and Premium Service) or MetroAccess.

  • select number of days

    Select the ticket type from the drop down menu. For Local, Premium and Commuter Service you can choose a Day Pass, 7-Day Pass and 31-Day Pass. Eligible MetroAccess customers can purchase a Single Ride Ticket, 10-Ride Booklet or Monthly Pass. Then, tap the [+] sign to add the desired number of passes to your purchase.

  • multiple passes

    Traveling with friends and family? You can purchase and use multiple passes from your smartphone or device. Just tap the [+] sign once for each additional pass you would like to purchase. To delete a pass of any type from your cart, simply tap the [–] to the right of the pass name.

  • add payment method

    When you are ready to buy your selected passes, press the "Add a payment method" button at the bottom of your screen. You can use credit or debit cards or link purchases to your bank account. This app allows you to enter multiple cards and accounts and have the option to choose which one you would like to use every time you purchase passes.

  • store passes

    If this is your first ticket purchase, the app will ask you where you prefer to save your passes; your device or the Cloud. Cloud storage allows you to purchase and activate your mobile tickets on any device, as long as you have an Internet connection when you are ready to use them. Storing them on your smartphone or device means you can activate your passes even when you have poor or no reception. Tickets saved on your smartphone or device will only be available on that device. Once activated, passes will only be accessible from that device, regardless of storage method.

  • set storage preferences

    You can select a default for saving your passes on either the Cloud or the device. Do this by sliding the bar to either the cloud setting or the device setting and click on to the box next to "Remember my preference".

  • activating passes

    To activate or use a pass, press the "Use Tickets" button in the navigation menu. You will be taken to the "Use Tickets" screen where you will see a list of all your purchased unexpired or unused passes. 1. Select the pass(es) you want to activate by pressing on the [+] sign. For multiple passes, simply press the [+] to increase the number or type of passes you want to use. 2. Once you have selected the passes you want to activate, press the "Activate Tickets" button. Depending on the pass(es) you are activating, you will receive a message letting you know when the pass will expire. 3. As soon as you activate your fare, your phone or device becomes your ticket to ride! For Single Ride MetroAccess tickets, the expiration is 20 minutes from the time of activation. For these tickets, you will want to activate only as you are boarding.

  • showing your pass

    You will need to provide your mobile ticket for validation once onboard all Capital Metro vehicles. Fare inspectors or operators may ask you for your pass. On MetroRapid vehicles, you will validate your pass with an electronic scanner validator.

  • validation by fare inspectors

    Fare inspectors will use a handheld validator to scan your mobile ticket to make sure it's valid. When asked to show your ticket, tap on the QR (Quick Reference) code in the bottom right corner of your screen. Allow the fare inspector the scan the code and validate your ticket.

  • visual pass validation

    When an operator asks you to show your ticket for validation on any vehicle except MetroRapid, you need to: 1) Tap your device mid-screen to show the operator the interactive image displaying across your device. 2) Tap the bottom portion where the pass expiration date and time are located to show the operator the color change.

  • using electronic validator

    MetroRapid vehicles have onboard app validators. To validate your pass, simply bring up the QR code on your phone and hold it under the app validator. The validator will display a message on the screen that your ticket was successfully accepted. If you've previously scanned your pass on an onboard validator or, if it was recently scanned by a fare inspector, the onboard validator will display a message that your pass has already been scanned and validated.

  • read error message

    If your pass has expired or there is a problem validating it, the onboard electronic validator may display a "read error" message. If this happens, try scanning your phone under the onboard validator once more or check to make sure your pass has not expired. If you feel there is an error and your pass is valid, please contact the Capital Metro GO Line at (512) 474-1200. If your pass is invalid or cannot be validated, you will be required to purchase a new fare or you may be issued a fare enforcement citation by a fare inspector.

  • reduced fare riders must visit the transit store

    If you are a student or use a Reduced Fare ID Card, you must first visit the Capital Metro Transit Store before you can purchase reduced fares through the app. Be sure to bring the appropriate ID. Once your eligibility for reduced rates is confirmed, Transit Store staff will enable the ability for you to purchase these passes through your phone or mobile device. The Capital Metro Transit Store is located in downtown Austin at 209 West 9th Street, at the corner of 9th and Lavaca. For store hours and other information, call (512) 389-7454 or visit the Transit Store webpage.

    If you are a MetroAccess customer, you can register to purchase MetroAccess passes on the app by calling MetroAccess at 512-369-6067. Please have your client ID number and email address used to register your account.

  • saved purchase history

    For your convenience, the CapMetro App saves your purchase history, enabling you to quickly purchase the same passes. You can purchase the same combination of passes and have them saved to your account without having to repeat the entire purchase process. To access your purchase history, go to the "Settings" screen and select "Purchase History". To order more passes using purchase history, locate a transaction in the list provided; then select the transaction for repurchase and tap "Purchase This Again".

  • plan a trip

    This app provides trip planning, schedules, real-time* arrivals, travel advisories, maps and service alerts. To plan a trip, go to the Trip Planner feature on your app. Enter an address, intersection, landmark of bus stop ID (these are located on the bus stop posts), then enter your destination. The Trip Planner will map out your route on Capital Metro and give you the option to purchase passes to cover your trip. *Real-time arrival information refreshes within 90 seconds and traffic conditions may apply.

  • select a schedule

    To view bus or train schedules, select "Schedules" from your device, then select your service type, route number and day you want to travel from the drop down menu. After inputting this information, the app will provide you with your schedule information. The maps features work the same as the schedules.

  • service alerts

    Service Alerts are notifications about Capital Metro service and other information that can be viewed through your app. You can set how you want to be notified about Service Alerts and other information through the "Settings" screen of the app.

  • share on social media

    Your CapMetro App can also interface with your social media accounts, making it easy to share your travel plans. We make sending your feedback to us from your mobile device easy, too. Just go to the "More Information" screen and find phone numbers, e-mail Capital Metro customer service and find answers to your most common questions about the app.

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