Connections 2025 Transit Plan

More frequent. More reliable. Better connections.

Connections 2025 is CapMetro's 10-year transit plan that will create a more frequent, more reliable and better connected system. It will guide the evolution of our network over the next 5 years and identifies long-range opportunities for the next decade. The plan was adopted by the CapMetro board of directors in February 2017 after more than a year of public outreach.

Changes that have grown our vision of the plan include:

Cap Remap was responsible for the most sweeping changes in CapMetro's history, affecting more than half of our 82 routes. These changes made for a better integrated bus network that has more frequent service — the number of routes in our High-Frequency Network went from 6 to 14 — and better east-west connections.

You can review the full Connections 2025 report for even more detailed information about the plan and to dive into the details of our bus network redesign.