Dedicated Transit Lanes

Transit Lanes with Red Paint

CapMetro's transit priority lanes downtown along Guadalupe and Lavaca Streets are painted red to clearly mark them as different from other general traffic lanes.

Giving priority to transit service is the best way to improve mobility in Austin and Central Texas. And converting some general traffic lanes into bus lanes allows our vehicles to move through congested areas more reliably and helps the reliability of our entire system.

CapMetro works closely with the city of Austin to improve how we all get around the city, and creating transit priority lanes and clearly identifying them is a great way to do so. After working with the federal government to apply for permission to do so, we added the red paint to the transit priority lanes in 2019.

East Riverside Transit Lanes

CapMetro and the Austin Transit Department have partnered to bring 2 miles of transit priority lanes to East Riverside Drive. The lanes between Grove Boulevard and Summit Street organize traffic flow and improve the reliability and the efficiency of our bus service.

The transit priority lanes are curbside and operate all day in each direction. Other vehicles can enter the transit priority lanes in order to make a right turn.