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CapMetro Fare Capping Pilot

The CapMetro App has many advantages over paying with cash at the farebox. It’s faster, more efficient and has other tools like the Trip Planner that help you get around. These tools are also leading to a big change that will make CapMetro more equitable and provide a better experience for all of our customers: fare capping.

Launching in October and running for 6 months, this new pilot program brings the convenience and efficiency of the CapMetro App to more people and makes paying for and riding CapMetro fairer and easier. Read more instructions about the pilot below or view the printable PDF.

Pilot participants must be enrolled in one of these assistance programs: Medicaid, CHIP, TANF or MAP. The initial pilot group is limited to 200 customers. 

Fare Pilot Signup

Earn a FREE 31-day fare card for your participation

Participants in the fare pilot program can become eligible to receive a free 31-Day Commuter Pass during the pilot by following these steps:

  • Make 10 fare-capping transactions per month for 3 months.
  • Complete a Capital Metro survey at the end of those 3 months.

Sign up now and start earning your free rides!

With fare capping, you save money by not having to decide which pass you need. Instead, just buy a Single Ride Pass. Then:

  • If you buy 2 Single Ride Passes within 1 day, all your other trips become free for 24 hours after activating the first pass
  • Additionally, if you purchase and use 33 Local (or 27 Commuter) Single Ride Passes within 31 days, you will automatically earn a 31-day pass, giving you free trips for the remaining time the pass is valid.

While our 31-day pass provides the best value, we recognize that this cost can be inaccessible for low-income customers to make up front. This cap ensures that you never pay more than $2.50 per day for Local Service (or $7 for Commuter) and makes riding with CapMetro simpler and more affordable in the long run!

Each time you ride, just purchase a Single Ride Pass (either Local or Commuter). The CapMetro App will keep track of your purchases and monitor your status. As you buy each pass, you automatically earn credit toward a pass upgrade.

Once you buy and activate two passes in a day, you ride free for the rest of the day! (Counting 24 hours after the first pass was activated.)

*Reminder: Local and Commuter passes are tracked separately for the fare capping program, which means they cannot be combined for a pass upgrade.

Fare Capping Mobile App Screenshots