Stop ID: 5724
Southeast corner of ROAD A and JAMES HART - Mid-Block

All times are estimated. Please arrive at your stop 5 to 10 minutes early.

Route 466 - Kramer/Domain, KTR.CLOCK
06:42am 07:16am 07:47am 08:18am 08:54am 09:26am 09:55am 10:25am 10:55am 11:25am 11:55am 12:25pm 12:55pm 01:25pm 01:55pm 02:25pm 02:55pm 03:25pm 03:48pm 03:58pm 04:27pm 05:03pm 05:37pm 06:09pm 06:39pm 07:12pm
Route 803 - Burnet/S Lamar, NORTHBOUND
05:55am 06:10am 06:25am 06:40am 06:55am 07:10am 07:26am 07:41am 07:58am 08:12am 08:28am 08:40am 08:52am 09:07am 09:18am 09:29am 09:37am 09:47am 10:02am 10:17am 10:31am 10:46am 11:00am 11:15am 11:30am 11:45am 12:01pm 12:16pm 12:31pm 12:46pm 01:02pm 01:17pm 01:32pm 01:47pm 02:04pm 02:19pm 02:34pm 02:49pm 03:04pm 03:19pm 03:32pm 03:45pm 03:58pm 04:13pm 04:26pm 04:47pm 05:00pm 05:13pm 05:28pm 05:39pm 05:56pm 06:08pm 06:19pm 06:34pm 06:45pm 06:57pm 07:08pm 07:23pm 07:35pm 07:48pm 08:00pm 08:20pm 08:39pm 08:58pm 09:18pm 09:38pm 09:58pm 10:18pm 10:38pm 10:58pm 11:18pm 11:38pm 11:58pm 12:18am 12:38am
Route 803 - Burnet/S Lamar, NORTHBOUND
06:56am 07:26am 07:56am 08:26am 08:56am 09:26am 10:10am 10:40am 11:10am 11:40am 12:10pm 12:40pm 01:00pm 01:20pm 01:40pm 02:00pm 02:20pm 02:40pm 03:00pm 03:20pm 03:40pm 04:00pm 04:20pm 04:40pm 05:00pm 05:20pm 05:40pm 06:00pm 06:20pm 06:40pm 07:00pm 07:20pm 07:40pm 08:00pm 08:09pm 08:29pm 08:59pm 09:29pm 09:59pm 10:29pm 10:59pm 11:29pm 11:59pm 12:29am
Route 803 - Burnet/S Lamar, NORTHBOUND
07:55am 08:25am 08:55am 09:25am 10:09am 10:39am 11:09am 11:39am 12:09pm 12:39pm 12:59pm 01:19pm 01:39pm 01:59pm 02:19pm 02:39pm 02:59pm 03:19pm 03:39pm 03:59pm 04:19pm 04:39pm 04:59pm 05:19pm 05:39pm 05:59pm 06:19pm 06:39pm 06:59pm 07:19pm 07:39pm 07:59pm 08:06pm 08:26pm 08:56pm 09:26pm 09:56pm 10:26pm