January 2019 Service Changes

Capital Metro routinely makes changes to streamline and improve service and accommodate shifts in ridership.

The changes that went into effect this month build on the Cap Remap service changes, which went into effect last June. Continuous improvement is our goal, and so we take into account feedback we receive from our customers and from the wider public when considering changes to our service. The January 2019 Service Changes respond to that feedback and are intended to improve the rider experience while maintaining system efficiency.

These changes were approved by the Capital Metro board of directors Oct. 22, 2018 and took effect Sunday, Jan. 6.

Capital Metro invites ongoing feedback year-round about our services and your experience as a customer, and that input is incorporated into the service change development process. For these proposals in particular, we provided chances for the public to provide input both in person and online.

  • The Cap Remap changes implemented in June 2018 transformed our bus network and greatly increased High-Frequency service throughout Austin. While it's still early in the process, we're excited about the success of the new network. However, we know that several routes can improve even more.

    These changes were designed to:

    Add service to accommodate high ridership on popular routes

    • Route 7 Duval/Dove Springs
    • Route 10 South 1st/Red River
    • Route 670 Crossing Place

    Improve on-time performance for some routes

    • Route 1 N. Lamar/S. Congress
    • Route 2 Rosewood
    • Route 3 Burnet/Manchaca
    • Route 4 7th Street
    • Route 5 Woodrow
    • Route 6 East 12th
    • Route 7 Duval/Dove Springs
    • Route 10 South 1st/Red River
    • Route 17 Cesar Chavez
    • Route 18 MLK
    • Route 19 Bull Creek
    • Route 20 Manor Road/Riverside
    • Route 50 Round Rock/Howard Station
    • Route 103 Manchaca Flyer
    • Route 105 South Fifth Flyer
    • Route 111 South Mopac Flyer
    • Route 105 Metric Flyer
    • Route 243 Wells Branch
    • Route 300 Springdale/Oltorf
    • Route 311 Stassney
    • Route 318 Westgate/Slaughter
    • Route 322 Chicon/Cherrywood
    • Route 325 Metric/Rundberg
    • Route 333 William Cannon
    • Route 335 35th/38th Street
    • Route 337 Koenig/Colony Park
    • Route 345 45th Street
    • Route 350 Airport Blvd.
    • Route 392 Baker
    • Route 671 North Riverside
    • Route 801 North Lamar/South Congress
    • Route 803 Burnet/South Lamar

    Extend the service hours of other routes later into the night

    • Route 50 Round Rock/Howard Station
    • Route 233 Decker/Daffan Lane
    • Route 237 Northeast Feeder
    • Route 339 Tuscany
  • Last January, some of our MetroExpress Commuter routes began to use the MoPac Express Lanes through an agreement with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The new service has been a great success, and even with additional service added to some routes, customers are experiencing heavily crowded vehicles on some trips.

    These changes adjusted schedules for several MetroExpress routes to accommodate rider demand. As a result, the following changes took effect in January:

    • Route 935 Tech Ridge Express - Two trips in the morning (6:03 a.m. & 6:47 a.m.) and two trips in the afternoon (4:15 p.m. & 4:55 p.m.) were eliminated due to low ridership. Four trips on Route 135 also were eliminated.
    • Route 980 North MoPac Express - One trip in the morning (7:40 a.m.) and one trip in the afternoon (5:30 p.m.) were eliminated due to low ridership. Two additional trips (one a.m. and one p.m.) were extended from New Life Park & Ride to Round Rock Transit Center.
    • Route 985 Leander/Lakeline Direct - Two trips in the morning (6:30 a.m. & 7:15 a.m.) and two trips in the afternoon (3:40 p.m. & 5:05 p.m.) were added to accommodate high ridership.
    • Route 987 Leander/Lakeline Express - One trip in the morning (6:25 a.m.) and one trip in the afternoon (7:10 p.m.) were eliminated due to low ridership.
  • With ACC's closure of its Pinnacle Campus, Routes 315 Ben White and 333 William Cannon have changed their final destinations to Oak Hill Plaza shopping center. The routes now also provide easy connections to one another.

    Download the map (PDF)

  • A new Park & Ride that fulfills requests made by our customers, the Westgate Transit Center is scheduled to open this spring. It will provide parking for almost 200 vehicles and serve as a transit hub for Southwest Austin residents, with space dedicated for bikes, Car2Go and other ways to connect you to your bus.

    A number of routes will move their main transfer points from Western Trails Blvd. to the new transit center. Routes directly serving the Westgate Transit Center will be:

    • Route 30 Barton Creek Square
    • Route 300 Springdale/Oltorf
    • Route 311 Stassney
    • Route 315 Ben White
    • Route 318 Westgate/Slaughter
    • Route 484 Night Owl South Lamar
    • Route 803 Burnet/South Lamar

    Route 3 Burnet/Manchaca and Route 103 Manchaca Flyer will not serve the Westgate Transit Center but will connect nearby.

    Download the map (PDF)

  • Due to construction on a site just south of Republic Square, two bus stops will close for at least two years. As a result, a number of routes have been placed on minor but long-term detours and changed their stops. The revised stops serve the following routes:

    Stop ID 2112 at 5th Street near Guadalupe Street

    • Route 5 Woodrow/Lamar
    • Route 982 Pavilion Express

    Stop ID 6371 at 4th Street & San Antonio Street

    • Route 2 Rosewood
    • Route 6 East 12th
    • Route 17 Cesar Chavez
    • Route 19 Bull Creek

    Download the map (PDF)

  • In October, Capital Metro came to you so that we could talk further about these changes and hear your feedback. In addition to the opportunities listed below, Capital Metro staff members were at bus stops in areas affected by the changes to discuss them with our customers.

    Capital Metro provided opportunities for you to share input at the following engagement events:

    • Noon on Wednesday, 10/10 Public Hearing at Capital Metro Headquarters - Served by Routes 4 & 17
    • 3-5 p.m. on Wednesday, 10/17 at North Lamar Transit Center - Served by Routes 1, 240, 275, 300, 323, 350, 383 & 801
    • Noon on Thursday, 10/18 - January 2019 Service Change Webinar
    • 3-5 p.m. on Thursday, 10/18 at Republic Square - Served by downtown routes
    • 3-5 p.m. on Friday, 10/19 at Westgate Mall - Served by Routes 300, 311, 315, 318 & 803

    Email: Feedback@capmetro.org
    Twitter: @CapMetroATX
    The changes went before the Capital Metro board of directors on Oct. 22 and will take effect Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019.


    Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications are provided upon request. Please provide notice at least two days in advance. Contact Martin Kareithi at 512-389-7583 or email martin.kareithi@capmetro.org for more information or to request informational materials in another format.