May Service Changes

Effective Sunday, May 29 – CapMetro regularly makes changes to our service to account for trends in ridership patterns, construction projects that affect travel on the service area's streets and for the persistent staff shortage we are currently facing. In May, we'll again adjust our schedules to deliver better service to our customers.

What’s Changing

These changes will be small and primarily make routing adjustments for service to area schools, though MetroRail service will be suspended for one week in July. To see if your route is affected, see below and check our online Trip Planner to make sure you know you're best option.

Service in Leander

The City of Leander held a special election on May 7 to let voters decide if Leander should continue participation in CapMetro. A majority of voters selected YES, and existing CapMetro services will continue as currently operating. For more information on the issue, view the Leander Fact Sheet.

Upcoming Changes

Summer Service Schedules

With the end of the school year, some routes that add trips to serve students and staff will see changes to their service. Also, UT Shuttle routes will operate their summer schedules. The affected MetroBus routes are:


MetroRail Suspension


MetroRail service will be suspended so we can perform maintenance along the 32-mile rail line. The suspension will take place from Friday, July 15 to Saturday, July 23. There will be no MetroRail service during that time.

We have alternative service from most MetroRail station locations that can take you downtown, although not directly to Downtown Station:


Bus Stop Consolidation

In order to improve the reliability and efficiency of our service, we are removing about 10 bus stops along Route 10 South 1st/Red River. These stops are used infrequently and are located too-close together, which leads to slower service and a poor riding experience.

Signs have been posted at the affected stop, and the closures will go into effect on Sunday, May 29.

Pandemic-Related Service Suspensions


Service on a few routes has been completely suspended since 2020, and that will continue this summer. They are: