• Start Your Trip Plan

    Trip Planning

    • Use the Trip Planner tool to get detailed directions to get where you’re going.

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  • Start Your Trip Plan

    From Point A to B

    • Enter starting point or choose your current location by tapping
    • Input destination. Tapping flips starting location/destination
    • Choose departure time or tap “Now”
    • View recently searched Locations, Trips or a Map view of your current location

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  • Start Your Trip Plan

    Customize Your Results

    • Tap “Options” to filter results by MetroBus, MetroRail & MetroRapid. Adjust your desired walking distance, transfer time & transfers.
    • Tap “Search” to plan your trip.

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  • Trip Details

    Choose Your Trip

    • Compare trip options by trip time,number of transfers &fare. Choose a trip by tapping on the row of your selection.
    • Trip Plans now account for walking time.
    • Favorite trips for easy access in the future.
    • View more trip options by tapping "Earlier" and "Later".

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  • Trip Details

    An Alternate View

    • Tap to toggle to a calendar view of your trip options. See your trip in column view to easily compare trip details. The red line represents the current time.

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  • Trip Details

    Get Ready To Go

    • Check out a quick summary of your trip.
    • Look out for alerts that may affect the trip.
    • Options available to set alarms, share trip, add to calendar or buy passes.

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  • Trip Details

    Track Legs of Your Trip

    • Tap to expand a section to view more details.
    • Walking section: Expand to view a map of your walk.
    • Route section: Expandto view upcoming stops on your route. To see stops for the entire route, tap within the route section.
    • Tapto collapse a section.

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  • Trip Details

    Even More Stop Details

    • Click on stop address or Stop ID to view stop and departure information.
    • Filterdepartures by route, time or service type.

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  • User Tip: New to your route?

    Follow along the way!

    After you’ve chosen your trip and are viewing the Trip Details screen, you can now follow your route while you ride.

    • Tap the map iconto to see your full route.
    • Tapto find your current position & follow the dot to see where you are.

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  • Next Departure

    Find Your Next Ride

    Use the Next Departure tool to see real-time information to know when to expect your next bus or train at your stop.

    • Tap “Next Departure” on the app’s homepage OR the menu buttonand select “Next Departure.”

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  • Next Departure

    Departures in Real-Time

    • Enter Stop ID, find nearby stops, choose any recent stop or use the map to select a stop near your location.
    • Select trip time or tap “Now.” Real-time is available for trip within 45 minutes. After that, schedule times appear.
    • Click “Search” to see upcoming departures.

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  • Next departure

    Countdown by the minute

    • View upcoming departures. Times listed as real-time are shown by thesymbol.
    • Filter results by route, time & service type.
    • Change between a view of departures or map with stop information.
    • Refresh to see current times after any period of inaction within the app.

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  • Map Views

    The Visual Way

    Use the Maps section of the app for a more visual way to plan trips. See predicted bus locations, the system map, individual route maps, or downloadable PDFs in case you lose phone service.

    • Tap “Maps” on the app’s homepage OR the menu buttonselect “Maps”.

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  • Map Views

    Maps Home Screen

    • Live Map: Choose this option to see the calculated locations of nearby vehicles.
    • System Map: View the entire system map or drop pins to plan trips.
    • Route Maps: Takes you to capmetro.org to see individual maps and schedules.
    • Downloadable Maps: Download PDFs for reference, even when there’s no Wi-Fi.

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  • System Map View

    Viewing the System Map

    • If you’ve selected System Map from the Maps section, see nearby stops and tapto update your current location.
    • Choose your map style from the following:
      Open Street: The app’s default map
      Map: Apple’s default map
      Hybrid: Satellite/street map
    • Search destinations, locations or any Stop ID.

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  • System Map View

    Drop a Pin

    While viewing the System Map, plan a trip on the fly by dropping a pin.

    • Drop a pin. Note that pins drop in the center of your screen by default. Move a pin by tappingand briefly holding it, then dragging.
    • Set a pin as your starting pointor destinationto launch the Trip Planner.

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  • System Map View

    Explore Your Area

    • After dropping a pin, explore your area and view how far you can travel within 20 minutes on transit. See how reachable destinations are with the color-coded heat map.

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  • Live Map View

    Track Trips On The Go

    After selecting Live Map from the Maps section, track estimated vehicle locations around town.

    • Locate yourself, drop pins and change map style with the same menu shown in the System Map.
    • This feature is currently in testing and calculations may not always be accurate.

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  • Live Map View

    Which Route to Take

    • Click a vehicle iconon the map for more options.
    • Using the bottom menu, follow the selected vehicle, highlight the route, hide other vehiclesand view all stopson the route.