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Community Engagement

Community Engagement – The development of the System Plan for Project Connect included community involvement with more than 64,000 residents in the greater Austin area and collaboration with the City of Austin and others. With the approval of Proposition A, we will continue to keep the community engaged and involved in the implementation of the program.

Community Engagement Summary

Featured in this section is an in-depth review of outreach and engagement to date in the Austin area.

Engagement Overview

Summer 2016:in a joint effort with the City of Austin’s Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) team, Project Connect community engagement begins to identify corridors for the system.
Fall 2016: Multimodal Community Advisory Committee (MCAC) established to guide both Project Connect and the ASMP.
January 2017: Corridor outreach using Meeting-in-a-Box to train community members to hold their own meetings. 
Spring 2017: Project Connect website launched with a dedicated email address for public questions and comments: 
Spring 2017: Traffic Jam events, pop-up outreach with Project Connect “engagement bus” and online surveys give community members an opportunity to weigh in on Project Connect corridors.
Spring 2018:Project Connect Ambassador Network established and begins monthly meetings. The next phase of community engagement is launched to get feedback on the Project Connect Vision Plan. Engagement includes public meetings, virtual open house events, online surveys, and pop-up outreach.
2019: A series of community open house events were held to get feedback on the Orange Line, Blue Line and MetroRapid lines, along with virtual open house events and community surveys. Public input informed the alternatives analysis process and culminated in the CapMetro Board’s adoption of the Project Connect System Plan in December 2019. 
Spring 2020: Engagement begins on the Project Connect Recommended System Plan. In-person public meetings scheduled for April are canceled due to pandemic and replaced by virtual community meetings, a Spanish Facebook Live Town Hall with Univision, and a virtual open house in May.
Summer 2020:Virtual community meeting held to get public feedback on the recommended Project Connect Initial investment.
August 2020: Project Connect community education continues with virtual presentations and panel discussions. The team continues to take public comments via