Initial Investment

Thank you, Austin

You've approved Proposition A and it's time to move forward with Project Connect. The Initial Investment is based on the Project Connect System Plan and includes an all-electric fleet, new rail system that travels under downtown and an expanded bus system with more routes.

Learn more about the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) – an independent organization that will guide Project Connect with transparency and accountability every step of the way.

About the "Initial Investment"

The Initial Investment is a portion of the Project Connect System Plan that will advance to development with dedicated local funding following the voter-approved Proposition A on November 3. Federal funding is expected to fund up to half of the total program investment.

The Initial Investment includes 27 miles of rail service and 31 stations:


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ORANGE LINE: Light rail is planned to connect North and South Austin. The Initial Investment will begin at North Lamar and U.S. 183 and extend to Stassney Lane. Destinations include:

  • North Lamar Transit Center 
  • Crestview
  • UT
  • Republic Square
  • Auditorium Shores
  • The SoCo District

BLUE LINE: Light rail is planned to offer service to the airport. Operating from North Lamar and U.S. 183 to downtown and direct to the airport. Destinations include:

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Lakeshore Drive
  • Convention Center
  • Rainey Street 
  • UT
  • Crestview
  • North Lamar Transit Center

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GREEN LINE: New regional rail service will connect downtown to East Austin’s Colony Park. Destinations include:

  • East Austin
  • Springdale 
  • U.S. 183
  • Colony Park 

RED LINE: Expanded regional rail service with new stations serving The Domain and Austin FC's stadium at McKalla Place. Destinations include:

  • Leander
  • The Domain
  • McKalla Place
  • Crestview
  • ACC Highland
  • MLK
  • Saltillo
  • Downtown

Light rail will travel underground downtown. Operating rail service beneath the streets increases the system's on-time performance and is safer than operating at street level.


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Increased service, 9 new Park & Rides, 4 new MetroRapid routes, 3 new MetroExpress routes and 15 new neighborhood circulator zones. The Initial Investment includes:


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4 new MetroRapid routes provides frequent service with a limited number of stops. New corridors will include:

  • The Gold Line - from ACC Highland to Republic Square. (The Gold Line will begin as a MetroRapid service and could be converted eventually to light rail as a part of the System Plan.)
  • Expo Center - from East Austin to UT and downtown 
  • Pleasant Valley - from Mueller to the Goodnight Ranch Park & Ride 
  • Menchaca and Oak Hill MetroRapid Extension


3 new MetroExpress regional routes. Providing limited-stop service for commuters:

  • Four Points - from FM 620 to downtown
  • Oak Hill - from the Pinnacle Park & Ride to downtown 
  • South MoPac - from the Wildflower Center to downtown 

Park & Rides

9 new Park & Rides and 1 Transit Center:

  • Four Points
  • Loop 360
  • ACC Highland
  • Delco Center
  • Expo Center
  • Wildflower Center
  • Goodnight
  • McKinney Falls
  • MetroCenter
  • Eastside Bus Plaza Transit Center

15 new neighborhood zones for Circulators. On-demand pickup and drop-off to locations within certain neighborhoods. Provides first-mile/last-mile service connections to transit stations and other destinations.



  • All-electric bike fleet stationed at transit hubs 
  • Integrated into the CapMetro App for bike rentals and payment

The Initial Investment includes $300 Million for anti-displacement investments, the largest of its kind in a transit-related election. A portion of this funding will go toward transit-oriented developments and affordable housing along Project Connect routes.

The Initial Investment in Project Connect is $7.1 billion with nearly half of the costs expected to be supported by federal grants and commitments


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