The Green Line will run along Capital Metro's existing freight line between downtown Austin to Colony Park, with future extensions to Manor and Elgin. Improvements will include developing transit stations along the corridor that will provide great places to connect the community to efficient, reliable transit.

Green Line at a glance: 25 miles and 10 stations, 2 connections to light rail routes, 1 connection to MetroRail routes, and 4 connections to MetroRapid routes

Green Line Benefits

  • Unique opportunities for housing. The Green Line corridor will provide transit opportunities to equity households along the corridor.
  • Increased access to jobs and services. The proposed Green Line will provide more households with transit as an option to travel to jobs and services within Central Austin and beyond. The Green Line will provide connectivity to the Red Line, other potential high-capacity corridors and CapMetro's high-frequency bus network.



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    *The Blue Line map reflects potential future operations of Blue Line trains traveling on the Orange Line infrastructure from Republic Square to the North Lamar Transit Center. For the purposes of the environmental review process, the proposed Blue Line infrastructure is between Republic Square and the Airport.

    Looking ahead at the Green Line

    • The first phase of the Green Line will be 8 miles long to Colony Park and includes 7 stations.
    • The next phases will create an additional 17 miles and 3 more stations
    • Commuter rail would operate more frequently to move people quickly and efficiently


    We welcome your input! Share your comments and questions with the project team. 

    Call our comment line at: is 512-369-6521
    Snail mail: Green Line Project Team, Capital Metro, 607 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701