Routes 20 & 300 - All-Door Boarding Pilot

Capital Metro is operating a new all-door boarding pilot intended to speed up our trips and let customers take advantage of contactless payment options.

Customers using the CapMetro App can board their bus through the rear door and scan their digital pass with new onboard validators.

The pilot began on September 30 and will be active on MetroBus Route 20 and MetroBus Route 300 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

We’ve used all-door boarding on our two MetroRapid routes since that service launched in 2014. And the installation of the onboard validators on our MetroBus vehicles has allowed CapMetro to increase the availability of all-door boarding to that service as well.

The goal is to reduce wait times at each stop as customers board the bus and pay their fares or show their digital passes to the operator. This limited pilot is just the beginning of many changes we have planned to improve the experience of riding CapMetro.