August 2020 Service Changes

Most years, Capital Metro makes changes to our service 3 times each year to improve the customer experience and respond to shifts in how our riders use the service. This year, of course, the coronavirus pandemic changed how we operate in March ... and has caused us to keep making adjustments since then.

We returned much of our service to its regular schedule in August. See below for some details, but remember to visit our COVID-19 update page to see the latest news on our service levels, as they may continue to change as the community responds to the pandemic.

Most CapMetro services returned to their regular service levels on Sunday, August 16. See below for a few notable exceptions.

Several routes are operating more often than usual during busy daytime hours to ensure customers are able to maintain a safe, physical distance from each other while on board.

MetroRail will operate a similar schedule to what has been in place during the pandemic, but be sure to review its schedule before heading to the station.

Route 455 Leander/Lakeline Shuttle was removed from service.

Some MetroExpress routes remain suspended:

All Night Owl and E-bus service remains suspended.
Most UT Shuttle service was reinstated, with the exception of the routes below, which will not be in service:

Several bus stops along Route 20's service in Northeast Austin were closed permanently. These locations have alternative bus stops nearby and were removed from service to improve operational efficiency and pedestrian safety.