January 2023 Proposed Service Changes

CapMetro regularly makes changes to our service to account for trends in ridership patterns, construction projects that affect travel on the service area’s streets and for the persistent supply-chain shortages we are currently facing.

The changes we're proposing would combine several routes, enabling CapMetro to adapt to a changing Austin streetscape and provide a better service that better fits the needs of our community. They will go to our board of directors on Monday, Sept. 26 and, if approved, would go into effect on Sunday, January 8, 2023:

Combination of Routes

The effects of construction projects downtown has caused CapMetro to rethink how we provide service on a few routes. We are also preparing for the coming Project Connect services.

The results of that are our proposal to combine six current routes into three. No one would lose service, but the names and route numbers would be different for some customers. We are preparing for the future of transit as the city continues to change.

The affected routes are:

Current RoutesNew Routes
Route 2 Rosewood & Route 17 Cesar ChavezRoute 2 Rosewood/Cesar Chavez
Route 5 Woodrow & Route 6 East 12thRoute 5 Woodrow/East 12th
Route 19 Bull Creek & Route 30 Barton Creek SquareRoute 30 Barton Creek/Bull Creek

Changes to Round Rock Service

These service changes, implemented by the city of Round Rock, will also take effect the week of January 8, 2023. CapMetro service in Round Rock operates weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Current RoutesNew Routes
Route 50 Round Rock La FronteraThe routing on Route 50 will change at the southern end and no longer serve La Frontera or continue into Austin on Route 150. Instead Route 50 will travel on Mays and Dell Way to Walmart. It will also operate every 45 minutes rather than 60 minutes. Riders may continue onto Tech Ridge using Route 152.
Route 51 Round Rock CirculatorService on Route 51 will be discontinued. The city of Round Rock is exploring alternative transportation options to replace this route in early 2023.
Route 150 Round Rock La Frontera Service on Route 150 will be discontinued. Connections to other CapMetro services will be provided by Route 152 at Tech Ridge Park & Ride. Riders may connect to Howard Station from Tech Ridge.
Route 152 Round Rock Tech Ridge LimitedThe routing of Route 152 will not change, but the frequency of service will increase, operating every 45 minutes rather than 60 minutes.
Route 980 North MoPac Express
Service on Route 980 will not change.



Pandemic-Related Route Suspensions

Service on a few routes has been completely suspended since 2020 and will continue into next year: