Important Changes to Our Ticket Vending Machines

Effective October 2016: Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at MetroRail Stations no longer accept debit or credit cards.

  • Buy tickets anywhere, anytime.
  • No need to wait in line for the ticket vending machine.
  • Only enter your bank card once to start your app account, not for each transaction.
  • Virtual tickets are stored on your smartphone; no need for paper tickets.
  • Access additional traveler tools on-the-go, including trip planner, real-time information, schedules and maps.

Ticket vending machines at MetroRail Stations require expensive new upgrades to maintain compliance with national payment card industry standards. Capital Metro would have to spend nearly $5 million to upgrade the machines to continue taking credit and debit cards. Making TVMs cash-only has allowed Capital Metro to invest more in transit services on the street instead of spending millions of dollars on outdated TVM technology.

The debit and credit card functionality of MetroRail ticket vending machines was shut down in October 2016. 

Cash or stored value tap cards are now required to purchase tickets through TVMs at MetroRail Stations. If you do not use exact change for your cash purchase, the machine will issue change in the form of an electronic change card. This electronic change card can only be used to buy tickets at MetroRail ticket vending machines and is valid for 15 days after the date it is issued.

The following Commuter-level tickets are available for purchase by cash and stored value tap card at MetroRail Station TVMs: Commuter Single Ride, Reduced Fare Commuter Single Ride and Commuter Day Passes.

Customers can still use their debit or credit cards to purchase tickets on the CapMetro App, at many retail outlets and other locations around town (debit cards only), at the Transit Store downtown at 209 W. 9th Street and through Capital Metro’s online store.

Note: Stored value tap cards are available in $20 or $40 increments, and can be purchased online, at the Transit Store and at select retail outlets.

Fare enforcement officers will check for tickets and passes in the same way they do now. Please see fare enforcement to get more information.