Transit Police

Establishing a police department to protect both riders and frontline personnel.

CapMetro is building a team of transit-dedicated police officers for instances when law enforcement is truly needed. We currently contract peace officers, but our future in-house team will be trained on crisis intervention, people-centric policing and fair & impartial policing.

How to Contact Us

  • Emergency? Call 911
  • Text-a-tip to 512-488-4200
  • Non-emergency? Call the GO Line at 512-474-1200


Read our tips on reporting an incident here

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Engage with Us

Our police officers are creating a new and better way to keep everyone safe.

We are hosting a series of meetings to explain how our Public Safety Program is keeping you safe and to provide an opportunity for our riders to ask questions and share their feedback.

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Our Story

The Transit Police is part of our three-team approach to our Public Safety Program, which you can read more about on this page. We were previously hiring contracted TCOLE certified officers. The CapMetro Board of Directors approved the creation of a transit police in August 2021. Since then, CapMetro has selected a chief and had extensive conversations with the community and employees to lay the foundations for the department. Our Transit Police team includes a Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain and dispatchers.

Mission: To create a secure transit environment through innovative people-centric policing, getting everyone safely to their destinations.

Vision: To adopt an industry-leading model of transit policing where all feel understood, welcomed and safe choosing CapMetro as their preferred method of transportation.

  • Provide a safe transit experience by preventing and reducing incidents on the CapMetro system and properties
  • Recruit, develop and retain a team of empathetic, innovative officers and staff who want to make a positive impact
  • Respond appropriately to each situation through CapMetro’s three-team approach
  • Build trust through collaboration, transparency and continuous improvement with customers, frontline staff and the transit community
  • Responsible: Accountable to our customers, frontline staff and the transit community
  • Innovative: Cultivate non-traditional policing with appropriate solutions
  • Dedicated: Committed to building a safe system and environment together
  • Empathetic: Aim to understand and respect all situations and people encountered

More Important Information

Know the Rules

CapMetro’s Code of Conduct extends across all vehicle types as well as our stops and transit hubs. Before you ride, please read these rules and expectations.

Read Our Code of Conduct