Sustainability is central to the mission of CapMetro and is reflected as a core value. Sustainability is also built into our commitment to the region and community of Central Texas as a guiding principle of Project Connect. Our Sustainability Vision Plan outlines the path to integrating sustainability into operations and capital projects; it formalizes CapMetro’s commitment to sustainability by documenting the values, goals, and action areas we will pursue to do our part in protecting the planet in an equitable and resilient way.

Integrated throughout the Sustainability Vision Plan are CapMetro's overarching sustainability strategic values of climate resiliency, equity and sustainability valuation. This framework will help guide us to the right strategies and set actionable targets for our action plans to keep us on the path toward meeting our sustainability goals.

CapMetro's sustainability vision illustrates the connections between our environment, our communities, and the local economy, and is consistent with our overall strategic vision. Our partners and stakeholders helped us to create a vision to guide us toward a sustainable future.

Our Vision: To build and operate sustainable transit infrastructure that keeps communities connected, protects and restores our natural systems and environment, and helps grow a vibrant economy.


To outline CapMetro’s commitment to providing a robust, sustainable transportation network and minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and construction through sound practices.


A. General. CapMetro is committed to operating its transit system sustainably by reducing its environmental impact and helping to improve the environment in the communities in which it operates. We will apply sustainability and environmental best practices and comply with all environmental laws and regulations as we expand transit opportunities through Project Connect. We recognize that transportation contributes a significant amount of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and CapMetro, as a public transit provider, will take steps to lessen the risk of climate change through design, technology choices, and by providing its customers with lower-impact transportation options.

B. Sustainability Vision Plan. CapMetro will implement a Sustainability Vision Plan that guides all operations, and the planning, design, construction, and performance of its transit system with the following overarching vision: To build and operate sustainable transit infrastructure that keeps communities connected, protects, and restores our natural systems and environment, and helps grow a vibrant local economy.

The Sustainability Vision Plan will:

i. Be guided by the principles of equity, climate resilience, and sustainability valuation.

ii. Establish goals for zero waste; water and nature; sustainable buildings and infrastructure; greenhouse gas emissions; and equitable and livable communities.

iii. Consist of the following initial Action Areas: (a) Energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable sources; (b) Sustainable and zero emission fleet; (c) Zero waste and natural resource management; (d) Water and natural world; (e) Active transportation; (f) Green building and infrastructure; and (g) Environmental and sustainability management.

iv. Be led by the Sustainability Officer and the Sustainability Leadership Committee consisting of senior staff from CapMetro and Austin Transportation Partnership. The Committee will review and, as necessary, revise the Action Areas on an annual basis, and establish measurable and meaningful targets and strategies for each of the Actions Areas. The Action Areas, targets and strategies will be subject to approval by CapMetro’s Senior Management Team and the President & CEO.

C. Annual Report. The Sustainability Officer will report annually to the Board of Directors on the Action Areas and CapMetro’s progress on meeting the targets.