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Capital Metro's Procurement Department is responsible for acquiring all of the Authority's goods and services at fair and reasonable prices, on time, and in compliance with sound public purchasing policies and procedures. If you are interested in doing business with Capital Metro, please browse our current and future procurement opportunities or learn more information about our online surplus property auctions.

  • Capital Metro uses PlanetBidsTM, an online service for the distribution of solicitation documents. Vendors should register on the bid portal to receive notification of Capital Metro solicitations at no cost. By registering, you'll automatically be notified by email whenever a Capital Metro solicitation matches your business profile. To start your subscription, click HERE.
  • Registered vendors can download Capital Metro solicitations free of charge, and will be notified of any changes and updates to solicitations that they have downloaded.
  • For information regarding Capital Metro solicitations, contact the Capital Metro Procurement Department at 512-389-7460 or via email to

Capital Metro makes its purchases based on several determining factors, including price. Items expected to cost less than $50,000 are purchased through Capital Metro's "small purchases" method of procurement. Anything in excess of $50,000 requires full and open competition.

Small purchases

There are two types of purchases that fit into this category: those less than $3,000 and those between $3,000 and $50,000.

Single source

Purchases less than $3,000 are single-source. This means that if the price offered is determined to be fair and reasonable, and the vendor is able to meet delivery and other requirements, no other vendors are contacted.

Requests for quotes (RFQ)

RFQs are used for purchases between $3,000 and $50,000. A brief description of the item or service is provided to vendors, who are notified using a online supplier database, PlanetBidsTM. Interested vendors then submit a written quote to Capital Metro by an established deadline. Capital Metro may notify additional vendors recommended by a requesting department, the internet, phone books, industry guides, etc.

Large purchases

Purchases exceeding $50,000 require more sophisticated methods than those used for small purchases.

The basic types of procurement methods used for large purchases are invitations for bids (IFB) and requests for proposals (RFP). Generally, goods or commodities are purchased via IFB, whereas services are generally purchased via RFP.

In both cases, special efforts are made to make the vendor community aware of our requirements. Capital Metro generally accepts bids or proposals from any vendor that would like to participate in a competition. Solicitations are advertised in newspapers, and registered vendors are notified using an online supplier database, PlanetBidsTM. The notification provides a basic description of the item or service to be purchased and prompts registered vendors to return the appropriate information to Capital Metro. The solicitation is then developed, which includes a detailed purchase description and/or statement of work, contractual terms and conditions, and instructions on how to submit an offer. Solicitations remain open an adequate amount of time to allow vendors the opportunity to respond.

Invitations for bids (IFB)

For IFBs, Capital Metro awards contracts to the most responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest price. A bid is responsive if it meets all the material requirements of a solicitation; in other words, the bid submitted doesn't vary from Capital Metro's original requirement. A bidder is responsible if (s)he can demonstrate the capacity and the willingness to perform (i.e., has the proper equipment, manpower, financial resources, technical expertise, etc.). It would be incorrect to assume that the low bidder always gets the award when the IFB method of procurement is used. An award is made to the low bidder only if the bidder meets both tests of responsiveness and responsibility.

Requests for proposals (RFP)

For RFPs, the award is not based on price alone, but also other weighted factors of importance specified in the solicitation. Award selection is done by an evaluation team that independently evaluates the proposals submitted.

For each solicitation issued, Capital Metro assigns a contracts administrator as the primary point of contact to assist vendors. In addition, a conference is generally scheduled well in advance of the bid or proposal submission deadline so that vendors can obtain clarification from Capital Metro. Contracts in excess of $150,000 require approval by Capital Metro's board of directors prior to their award. After evaluation of all offers, Capital Metro awards the contract.

Other procurement methods

On occasion, Capital Metro may use procurement methods different from the ones listed above. These include sole source, statement of qualifications (SOQ) for statutory professional services for disciplines that require state of Texas licensing and emergency procurements.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new businesses and organizations! Here are a few ways you can introduce yourself to Capital Metro:

Mail us your promotional items

We appreciate receiving information such as brochures, samples and other materials for review. Your items should include enough information so we can quickly identify the goods or services you're offering, and also a business card so we know how to contact you. Once received, your materials will be circulated to the appropriate Capital Metro department.

Our mailing address is:

Capital Metro, Procurement Department, 2910 E. Fifth Street, Austin, TX 78702.

Give us a call or send us a fax

You can call our Procurement Department directly at 512-389-7460, or fax your information to 512-389-7594. Please remember to include a cover sheet with your contact information if faxing.

Come by in person

We welcome personal visits, but please call first to make an appointment! We can be reached at 512-389-7460.

Email us

Feel free to email your information or questions to

Here are the people to contact with your questions about procurement opportunities at Capital Metro:

Muhammad AbdullahSr. Director, Chief Contracting & Compliance Officer(512) 369-6019
Anita DeibertProcurement Manager, Acquisition & Contract Administration(512) 369-7755
Julia WilkesExecutive Assistant I(512) 389-7460
Lacie CowellData Analyst III(512) 389-7530
Bryan BargsleyAsset Disposal Specialist II(512) 369-6572
Tracee MetterleContracts Administrator III(512) 369-6525
Jeffery YeomansContracts Administrator II(512) 369-7727
John PenaContracts Administrator III(512) 369-6243
Kirk PerryContracts Administrator III(512) 389-7528
Eduardo BelmarezContracts Administrator III--
Terry DudleyContracts Administrator III(512) 369-6225
Denny RossContracts Administrator III(512) 369-7724
Danny SolanoProcurement Manager, Small Purchasing & Asset Disposal(512) 389-7446
Deborah KnutsonBuyer II(512) 369-6512
Kimberley CraftBuyer II(512) 389-7579
Jeanette CoersSupport Specialist III, Contracts(512) 369-6525
Magen CrowseySupport Specialist III, Contracts(512) 369-6593
Sabina PeerbhaiCost/Price Analyst--

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