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Major Projects

CapMetro is constantly improving our services and facilities with the goal of providing a tremendous customer experience for the people of Central Texas and making transit the best possible choice for getting where you need to go. See below for what's coming your way.

Current Projects

  • major-projects-red-paint-transit-lines

    Dedicated Transit Lanes

    Capital Metro and the city of Austin are making transit a priority by converting some general traffic lanes into bus lanes. This not only allows our vehicles to move through congested areas more reliably, it also helps the reliability of our entire system, because delays in one area cause ripple effects elsewhere. Not only that, but allowing buses to travel outside of other vehicle traffic speeds car travel by assuring they don't sit behind a bus at a stop. We've painted some of these lanes bright red to indicate clearly these lanes are for transit vehicles.

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  • major-projects-downtown-station

    Downtown Station

    The first phase of our new Downtown Station is now open and serving customers. The entire will open early in 2021 with the potential to unlock the potential of MetroRail, better connect the entire region and create a welcoming public space.

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  • major-projects-eastside-bus-plaza

    Eastside Bus Plaza

    Being built in partnership with CARTS, the Eastside Bus Plaza will connect customers south and east of the CapMetro service area into Central Austin and with the rest of our transit system.

  • major-projects-electric-fleet

    Electric Fleet

    A critical part of Project Connect is the conversion of our fleet to all-electric, zero-emission vehicles. It will be key to the region's efforts to maintain our high quality of life and protect its natural beauty and clean air.

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  • major-projects-north-lamar-transit-center

    North Lamar Transit Center

    One of the oldest transfer centers in the CapMetro transit center, the North Lamar Transit Center is a key nexus for a number of routes in North Austin. This project will upgrade the transit center, improving both our operations and the customer experience.

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  • major-projects-pickup


    Pickup provides on-demand transit service within particular service zones. Customers can hail a ride using the Pickup app, and we'll try to be there within 15 minutes.

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  • major-projects-plaza-saltillo

    Plaza Saltillo

    A significant part of East Austin history, Plaza Saltillo is being refurbished, with new lighting, landscaping and other renovations. More than that though, it includes our MetroRail station and is adjacent to the Saltillo Development. CapMetro owns the entire property and has partnered with the neighborhood, the city of Austin and the private sector to make it a real jewel of East Austin.

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  • major-projects-projectconnect

    Project Connect

    Transportation never stops in Central Texas, neither do we. Learn more and join us as we roll out projects throughout the year.

    Get in touch about Project Connect by contacting us at

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Completed Projects

  • major-projects-connections-2025

    Connections 2025

    Our 5- to 10-year transit plan, Connections 2025 was approved by the board of directors in 2017. Wide ranging and in depth, its recommendations provided the basis for what became the most significant transformation of our bus network in CapMetro's history, Cap Remap. That created a more frequent, more reliable and better connected bus system and paved the way for historic ridership increases in the months and years after its implementation.

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  • major-projects-metrorail-improvements

    MetroRail Improvements

    With this $25 million project (funded in part by an $11 million federal grant), Capital Metro has made improvements up and down the 32-mile MetroRail line. These projects have included better signaling and adding new track to create passing points at several locations. That allows us to increase the frequency that MetroRail trains run, adding great new service for many new customers.

  • major-projects-Norwood-Transit-Center

    Norwood Transit Center

    The Norwood Transit Center offers bus riders in North Austin more customer amenities and greatly improves the riding experience. A transfer hub for a number of different routes, it also serves as a key connection point.

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  • major-projects-positive-train-control

    Positive Train Control

    Capital Metro has implemented a federally mandated positive train control (PTC) system to ensure the long-term safety of MetroRail service. PTC systems monitor and control train operations with the goal of protecting trains and passengers.

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  • major-projects-Transit-Stop-Improvements

    Transit Stop Improvements

    Over the past couple of years, Capital Metro has made a number of improvements to our bus stops. They include new shelters at more than 125 stops, providing shade and better protection from the elements. We've also installed new digital displays at MetroRapid stations and other transit stops throughout the system that provide more information to the customer and better real-time transit data.

  • major-projects-westgate-transit-center

    Westgate Transit Center

    A transit hub located beneath the SH 71 overpass - with free, shaded parking, plus space dedicated for bikes, car-share and other ways for you to connect to your bus - the Westgate Transit Center connects South Austin to the larger transit system and serves 6 routes.

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Future Projects

  • major-projects-Transitways-Light-Rail-Rendering


    Transit works best when it operates in its own space, without regular vehicle traffic clogging lanes and preventing the efficiency that only transit can provide. Project Connect proposes to add transitways from North Lamar, through downtown, across the river and onto South Congress. Another one would travel from the airport along Riverside Drive into downtown. A third transitway would connect the Highland neighborhood to the UT campus and downtown.

  • major-projects-wildflower-center-south-mopac-transit-center

    Wildflower Center/South MoPac Transit Center

    Capital Metro has long envisioned providing regular commuter service to far South Austin. A new Park & Ride facility is planned for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, better serving the area's burgeoning population and providing a variety of benefits to the neighborhood's residents.