Zero Emissions Fleet

Project Connect is transforming public transportation in Central Texas by bringing a high-capacity transit system that serves the entire region. An important part of that vision is using technology to offer you better transportation choices, including a zero-emissions fleet of vehicles that moves everyone in a truly sustainable manner.

CapMetro is committed to making your trip cleaner, more reliable and easier. We're also committed to making technology work for you.

electric bus

Our first electric buses hit the streets in early 2020 with artwork created by students from Austin's Campbell Elementary. Since then we've added several more and now have a dozen in operation. These zero-emission buses make for cleaner air, provide a quieter ride (both inside the bus and outside) and source their electricity from clean solar and wind energy. They are in service and you can use our Electric Bus Tracker to find out where they are right now.

We are constructing the future home for our coming electric fleet at a CapMetro facility in North Austin. A former Serta mattress building was on the site of one of our bus yards and has been removed. A new bus yard designed for electric vehicles with charging stations is under construction now.

When the work is finished, the facility will accommodate 214 buses, which amounts to more than half of our current fleet. Its infrastructure will support charging capacity for 187 battery electric buses.

CapMetro operates on a 10-year fleet replacement schedule, ensuring that our vehicles are well-maintained and operate efficiently. Our schedule calls for the agency to purchase zero-emission electric exclusively. In 2021, our board approved the purchase of nearly 200 electric buses, the largest procurement of electric vehicles in the country.

Those buses will be able to operate any of our Bus and Rapid routes. They also will have features not found on our current vehicles:

  • An open floor plan to encourage quicker boarding and more riders per bus.
  • USB ports available throughout the bus.
  • Advanced wheelchair securement systems to enable quick and safe securing of wheelchairs.
  • Wider doors that allow more people to board and exit the bus more quickly.
  • Soft vinyl upholstery that improve the look and feel of bus seating.