Standards and Guidelines

CapMetro created guidelines for our Pickup service to ensure that it meets the needs of the community and provides a high-quality service. These Pickup service guidelines help us accomplish two important things:

  1. Decide Where to Offer Our Service: These guidelines help us figure out where we should provide Pickup service and set goals for it.
  2. Monitor How Well We're Doing: We use special measurements to check how well Pickup service is working in different areas. We look at what makes each area unique.

We operate on a framework with three main parts:

  • Community Impact: We measure how Pickup service affects the people who live there.
  • Service Quality: We check if Pickup service is working well and doing its job properly.
  • Using Resources Wisely: We make sure we're spending money and using environmental resources in a smart way.

 The Pickup Service Guidelines were adopted by CapMetro in 2021 to help us make Pickup service better.


The Service Standards and Guidelines are a set of policies that guide every decision in CapMetro’s service change process. Whether we are adding a new bus stop or changing a bus route, these standards inform how changes are made and how performance is evaluated. The document provides a framework for how CapMetro: 

  • designs transit service,
  • measures performance, and
  • makes changes to services. 

Additionally, the federal government requires transit agencies to have a set of Service Standards and Guidelines.

Service Standards and Guidelines 2023 were adopted by the CapMetro Board of Directors on June 26th,  2023.