CapMetro Access Fare Purchasing Updates 2024

Please take note of these important updates to the fare purchasing process. Call the GO Line with questions: 512-474-1200

If you ONLY use CapMetro Access:

Digital Fare:

  • Monthly Digital Passes are only sold for the current and upcoming month.

  • Digital Single Ride tickets activate upon purchase. Single rides are valid for 90 minutes after activation. **DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS FAR IN ADVANCE AS THEY WILL EXPIRE AFTER 90 MINUTES FROM PURCHASE TIME.** 

  • Physical Monthly Passes and 10-ride ticket booklets are available for purchase at the Transit Store. H-E-B sells 10-ride ticket booklets.

  • SparePay

    This new feature allows you to keep your credit or debit card on file to pay for Access trips as you book them. When you book a trip, a hold will be put on your card. When you get on board, the fare amount is charged to your card. If you do not take the trip, you won't be charged.
    When speaking with an Access reservation agent to book trips, you can request to be enrolled in SparePay. The reservation agent will connect you to an automated system to collect your credit card details. You can use SparePay through our new app and web services.

If you ride Access, Bus, Pickup and Rail: 

Digital Fare:

Make just one account to pay for all your rides using an AMP card in the CapMetro App.
  1. Download the latest CapMetro App:  Apple | Android  

  1. Login to the new app. You will be prompted to create a Virtual AMP Card. (You can create a virtual card at any time by selecting "Manage" from the menu and tapping the "+" icon and selecting "Create Virtual Card”.) 

  1. Fill out our online form to receive your Access fare rate on your Virtual AMP Card:

  1. After your request is approved (3-5 business days), you can view and purchase Access, Bus and Rail passes or use AMP to pay-as-you-go in the CapMetro App. You may also use your AMP card on Pickup by CapMetro. 

  2. To pay for rides using AMP, use the app to link a payment method (credit/debit card) so you can load money to your digital wallet. This payment method can be used to buy digital passes and add stored value to your AMP card.

Note: You can load money directly to your AMP card as “Stored Value” to pay-as-you-go. (This stored value cannot be used to purchase digital passes.) 

Physical Fare:

Make just one account to pay for all your rides using an AMP card in the CapMetro App.

  • Physical AMP cards cannot be used on Access. Please continue to buy paper tickets and passes or use SparePay.
  • Physical AMP cards can be used on Bus & Rail.

Please call the GO Line if you have questions: 512-474-1200

CapMetro Access ADA Paratransit service is only provided during hours and days in which regular fixed route service is provided. Please see our office hours and contact info below:

Access Administrative Office

  • Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Access Call Center

  • Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mailing Address

    • Access (Main Line)
      T: 512-852-7272 (PARA)
      F: 512-369-7779
    • CapMetro Fixed Route and Access Fares
      Transit Store (Downtown)
      Monday - Friday
      7:30am through 5:30pm
      209 W 9th St
      Austin TX 78701
      T: 512-389-7454
      Mobile App Information: