CapMetro Access Rider Tools FAQs

CapMetro replaced its previous Access technology in January 2024. Use our new booking software here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Access had the same software platform from 2001-2022. Despite repeated upgrades, it no longer met the needs of our staff and riders. 

Using RiderApp

  1. Using your smart phone or tablet, open your Google Play/App Store to download the CapMetro Access app.
  2. Login with your phone number.
  3. Click forgot password to reset your password for the first time.
  4. Use the app for reservations, cancellations, where’s my ride, vehicle location on a map, access to your rider profile and more.
  5. Your password will be the same for RiderWeb.

Using RiderWeb

  1. Visit from your internet browser.
  2. Login with your phone number.
  3. Click forgot password to reset your password for the first time.
  4. Use RiderWeb for reservations, cancellations, where’s my ride, vehicle location on a map, access to your rider profile and more on your desktop.
  5. Shares a password with RiderApp.


Customers currently enrolled in notifications will be migrated to the new software automatically. You may opt in, opt out or change your notification preferences through a live call center agent or through the RiderApp or RiderWeb. Choose your language (English or Spanish) and method (voice, text, email or app). Notifications are offered as a courtesy and are not guaranteed.
  • Automated notifications available by voice, text, email or push notification to the RiderApp.
  • Notifications include:
    • Booking confirmation.
    • Booking cancellation.
    • 1-hour advanced trip reminder.
    • Vehicle arriving shortly.
    • No Show Notice
    • Eligibility expiring soon.
  • (Un)enroll in notifications with a live agent, in the RiderApp or RiderWeb.

SparePay lets you pay fares automatically by securely enrolling a credit or debit card. Recommended for riders who primarily use CapMetro Access. Want a truly hands-free boarding experience? Make sure your photo is on file with Access to avoid the need to show ID!  

The CapMetro App lets you buy digital tickets and passes, which you then display for the vehicle operator at boarding. Recommended for riders who use a combination of Access and other CapMetro services.

Paper tickets and passes continue to be available for purchase at the CapMetro Transit Store and at participating local retailers.

Read More Details Here

Rider Services (for technical support of app, web and other rider tools)

  • Call 512-852-7272, navigate to the CapMetro Access menu and press zero for additional assistance.
    • This assistance is specifically for the RiderApp/Web.
    • As call times may vary, we ask that you leave a voicemail so that we may return your call by the next business day.
  • Email
  • For immediate assistance managing a ride, call 512-852-7272, navigate to the CapMetro Access menu, and select reservations, cancellations or "where’s my ride" to speak with a live agent.

Live Agent by Phone:

  • Call 512-852-7272 for trip booking, cancellation, where’s my ride, open returns, standbys, eligibility and more.
  • For Texas Relay, please call 7-1-1.


  • Self-service trip booking, cancellation, and “Where’s My Ride” functions by App or Web. Live call center agents will still be available to assist you if you prefer.
  • Vehicle location on a map when your ride is nearby. 
  • Automated notifications to keep riders informed about their trips by voice, text, email, or app.
  • Hands-free boarding option with a photo ID on file and a secure credit card enrolled to auto-pay fares. 
  • Rate and review trips in real time. 
  • A variety of back-end efficiencies allow staff to better focus on the rider experience. 
  • Knowledgeable staff to provide assistance with questions and technical issues. 
  • ADA compliant rider web and app. 

  • Schedule is automatically reoptimized throughout the day, addressing on time performance, gaps in schedules, cancellations, and balancing workload seamlessly. 
  • Modern scheduling algorithm increases ridesharing and lowers back-tracking. 
  • First in-last out scheduling settings make it easier to assist riders.
  • Real time vehicle location eliminates the need to phone in location details to perform a no show or cancel at door.

  • Real-time access to data, will allow us to automate most reporting. 
  • Automated workflows to reduce reliance on paper records.
  • Simplified service maps.
  • Real-time update of customer contact information.
  • Real-time create/cancel of recurring trip requests. 
  • Real-time creation of most group trips. 
  • Real-time ETAs and vehicle tracking on a map. 
  • Automated trip scheduling & optimization. 
  • Queue of exception trips needing dispatch intervention.
  • Built-in on-time performance monitoring. 
  • Easily recognize where you have too much/too little service availability. 
  • Easy incident logging. 
  • Fully customized rider profiles. 
  • Fully customized workflows, status tracking, forms, letters, and timers. 
  • Letters exportable in various accessible formats (including Braille-ready).
  • ADA-accessible interface for staff and riders.