Paratransit Software FAQs

CapMetro is upgrading our MetroAccess technology and the change will affect both staff behind the scenes and how customers use our service. Here’s the scoop:

Frequently Asked Questions:

CapMetro has used its current software since 2001. Despite updates over the years, it doesn't meet the needs of our customers or staff anymore.

We used a competitive best-value procurement process and selected a software product from Spare Labs. Highlights of the new technology include:

  • The Scheduling & Dispatch module uses workflows and automation to free staff from repetitive tasks. Machine learning and real-time traffic improve efficiency.
  • The Eligibility module uses workflows, forms, letter templates and automation to improve the application and account maintenance process.
  • A simplified driver app uses real-time traffic data to aid operators in navigation.
  • Web and mobile app services for customers with real-time booking, cancellation and vehicle arrival times (in text and on a map).
  • Account-based fares to reduce or eliminate dependence on paper tickets.
  • Outbound messaging (no shows, next day trip reminders, special notices) by voice, text and email.
  • Integration with other CapMetro software platforms to improve efficiency and communication, and to free staff to better serve your needs.

The launch date is still to be determined. We are shooting for the start of 2023, but want to do this right and so that’s a tentative date. We’re deep in exploratory sessions and there’s a lot of collaboration needed. Changing software for a complicated service like MetroAccess is a labor of love!

Discovery sessions for customers, social service agencies and staff were held in February and March. If you were unable to attend or have additional feedback to share as we design and develop this product, please email

Volunteers are greatly appreciated! Please email and we’ll add you to the list!

We anticipate providing training on customer features through a new rider’s guide that’s in development now, on our website, through short closed-captioned videos, with onboard flyers and at public events. We welcome your ideas at

This feature is rarely used by customers, and so we will discontinue automated telephone service. We offer a much better customer service experience through the following options:

  • Website
  • Mobile App (iOS or Android)
  • Call Center agent (by phone, webchat, email or SMS text).
  • Cancellations will still be accepted by voicemail

Note: The automated telephone system is only able to schedule trips to specifically bookmarked favorite addresses. With the above options, you can book anywhere.