Art boxes Finalists

Capital Metro's Art Boxes - Installed Summer 2018

Capital Metro selected art by 12 Central Texans to beautify utility Boxes at MetroRapid stations in Austin. Fourteen Boxes are painted or wrapped with the artists' original designs as part of a grant that the transportation agency received from the Federal Transit Administration. Colorful designs reflect the character of nearby neighborhoods and add to the riding experience. Take a “gallery ride” on MetroRapid Routes 801 and 803 to see the entire portfolio.

ArtBox Locations

Oltorf West Station Northbound | 803

  • Large Austin Transportation Department Box

    Baseball player Willie Wells hailed from this Austin neighborhood. The design conveys the movement and excitement of a baseball game, and the blue watercolor symbolizes nearby Bouldin Creek.

    Willie Wells, Donna Abbott-Toutin
  • Smaller Austin Energy Meter

    This Echeveria was spotted at a local plant shop specializing in succulents and cacti. Echeveria, found in the semi-desert areas of Central America, Mexico and South America, are named after Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy, an 18th-century botanical artist and naturalist.

    Succulents, Chloe Jane Gray

Triangle Station Northbound | 801

  • Large Austin Transportation Department Box

    Many Native American tribes admired the beauty and strength of the great horned owl, found in Austin. The Hopi performed ceremonies with their feathers in hopes of summoning the heat of summer. The Pima believed that the owls were reincarnations of slain warriors.

    Chloe-Jane-Gray_Great-Horned-Owl _Triangle-Station
    Great Horned Owl, Chloe Jane Gray
  • Smaller Austin Energy Meter

    The area around the station is changing. As the old was once new, it dies out, and now with the new residences and shops, it is like the area is blooming again, like the flowers in this work. Change is constant!

    Tranquility with Blue Flowers, David Schumaker

SOCO Station Northbound | 801

  • Large Austin Transportation Department Box

    Grackles are everywhere, watching and waiting. They are silly, smart, resilient and tough. -- The perfect bird for Austin!

    Christy-Stallop_Luchador-Grackles _Soco-Station
    Luchador Grackles, Christy Stallop
  • Smaller Austin Energy Meter

    This design of our raccoon, Reginald, honors the rich music history of Austin, as well as the vibrant food and shopping culture that has developed along this famous thoroughfare. The raccoon is singing about the music, eateries, shopping and twirling bats that inhabit South Congress.

    Singing Raccoon, Robo Roku

Little Texas Station | 801

  • Northbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    Blue Cat is a finger painting. People say my art makes them super happy, and I hope this work will make people riding the bus happy.

    Blue Cat, Cathy Haynes
  • Southbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    My design seeks to convey Austin's diverse culture through our unique flora and wildlife. We find beauty and strength by embracing that which differentiates us. Through this, a new sense of love and respect can be fostered.

    Bonnets & Brushes, Ryan Runcie

St. Edward's Station | 801

  • Northbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    This pattern of quirky robots and mathematical equations conveys the kinetic movement of these automatons. The design is also meant to symbolize the figurative forward momentum of the ideas and education provided by St. Edward's University nearby.

    Northbound Robots, Robo Roku
  • Southbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    This work was inspired by late night drives in Austin while listening to bubble gum pop music. It's meant to convey feelings of "Power Ranger" transformation through the speed of driving, the sound of electronic music and the lights of the city.

    Pink Superhero, Luis Gustavo Portillo

Rundberg Station | 801

  • Northbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    I like to think of my design as the reflection of cycles we go through daily, but good vibes only! Start the day with some love, grab a bowl of noodles, then battle through the day with a smile on your face. Keeping that same energy, it's time for another bite to eat!

    Kaiju Character, Johnny Duncan
  • Southbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    Lowriders are subversive and exotic rolling art works. Hopefully, my orange Impala will become a landmark, letting local lowriders know they are respected, and encourage future generations of mechanics and artists alike. We are stronger together, and it is always a team effort that makes the biggest impact.

    Orange Impala, J Muzacz

Allandale Station | 803

  • Northbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    The painting is not of only flowers but also creates a sublime effect for a person waiting for the bus. An instant connection is made when observing the design and sky, creating this landscape.

  • Southbound Austin Energy Electric Meter

    In the history of Allandale, there was a part of town called “Dog Town.” The pugs in this design are there to give visitors and residents happiness. And dog owners are sure to love them.