Our Community

CapMetro operates from 4 locations:

Administrative Bldg. 2910 East 5th Street

Here you'll find most of the departments that provide CapMetro's administrative services (such as Marketing, Legal, HR, IT and Finance and Accounting to name a few), along with our service providers and our largest bus yard, home to a fleet of more than 300 buses.

624 Pleasant Valley

This location houses our Bus Contracts and Operations team, as well as our Project Management teams.

209 West 9th Street

Our Transit Store is here at 9th and Lavaca, where you can find the Lost & Found or pick up a bit of CapMetro swag. Additionally, this location has offices for our Customer Service, Metro Access Operations and Long Range Planning teams.

9315 Old McNeil Road/Burnet

We call this site North Ops, and it's home to Bus and Rail Operations and our service providers. It also has another large bus yard and is home to our 10 trains when they're not in service.

All properties are monitored by both our internal Security department and Austin Police Department officers to ensure the safety of customers and employees.