A Transit Pass to Support Our Unhoused Community


We are creating an integrated fare program, designed to provide convenient and accessible transportation options for unhoused individuals in the Travis County Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). 

CapMetro teams have been working with local service providers on this pass to better support our community at no cost to riders. With this collaboration, we aim to enhance mobility, increase access to vital services and foster community connections. The pass will be available in late 2023.

This program is under development and more information about how to request and where to pick up a pass will be available on this webpage soon.

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Smart Card Technology

The pass will be a smart card that enables easy and efficient travel on CapMetro local services.

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No Cost

The transit pass has no cost to both unhoused clients and authorized service providers.

Pick-up Locations

Unhoused clients will be able to obtain their smart cards at participating service providers or the Transit Store.

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Usage Flexibility

The pass can be used as needed on valid local services.

Access to Transportation: The pass ensures individuals experiencing homelessness have access to essential services, employment opportunities and community activities at no cost to them or providers. 

Empowerment and Independence: By offering transportation fare support, we empower individuals to travel independently. 

Increased Opportunities: Access to reliable transportation opens doors to employment. job interviews, medical appointments, social services and support networks. 

Stability and Progress: Transit passes for people receiving services through the homelessness response system better link these services to individuals and link individuals to opportunities to progress toward stability in housing, support services and employment and an improved quality of life. 



  1. Currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity within the CapMetro Service Area
  2. Have contacted a service provider participating in the Austin/Travis County Homeless Response System, are receiving services through a provider and are registered within the HMIS system.

Service providers:

  1. Participating agencies working within the HMIS system
  2. Able to partner with CapMetro to distribute passes directly to clients registered in HMIS

There is no monetary cost for eligible individuals or service providers to participate in this program.