Signup for bike shelter Aug 1

Secured Parking for Bicycles

Every cyclist wants a happy home for their bike. We provide 7 of them for bike riders at our MetroBike Shelters, conveniently located at popular MetroRail stations and a few major transit centers. Signup today , there is no annual fee for the shelters!

  • Maybe you're on the fence about using a shelter. Here's 1 great reason to use the shelters and 5 common scenarios where it really helps:

    • You don't feel like standing with your bike or being crowded.
    • You want to leave your bike in a secure facility.
    • You know a train or bus is going to have its racks filled.
    • You don't want to leave your bike exposed to the sun or rain.
    • You want a break from lugging your bike back and forth to work.
    • Secured, card key access
    • Fully enclosed bicycle parking
    • Long open hours: 5 a.m.-2:30 a.m., 7 days a week
    • 24-hour camera surveillance
    • Seating for changing shoes, etc.
    • An air pump, work stand and tools for minor bike repairs
  • MetroBike Access Cards provide secure, card key access to MetroBike Shelters. You can sign up for membership online. There's a $3 charge to register for an access card, which will be mailed within 1 to 2 weeks after the order is placed.

    How to use your card: Swipe your card over the red light to the left of the door to open.

    Expiration: The card will expire every 2 years and requires a $3 registration fee to renew. Customers will also receive notification to update any information that has changed every 2 years.

    Replacement cards: There is a $20 lost-card fee. Replacement cards can be ordered through the CapMetro App.

  • Here's where you can find a shelter along a MetroRail route or at a major transit center:

    • Kramer Station
    • Lakeline Station
    • MLK Station
    • Plaza Saltillo Station
    • Highland Station
    • Tech Ridge Park & Ride
    • South Congress Transit Center

Note: Shelter use requires enrollment and a MetroBike Access Card.