Once on Board

  • At the bus Deposit exact cash, use a Stored Value Card or swipe your pass through the farebox.
  • On the train Buy a Single Ride or Day Pass at rail station ticket vending machines or use the CapMetro App. Be prepared to show a Commuter Pass if approached by a fare inspector.
  • Reduced fares Tap ID card to the target area of the farebox and be prepared to show your ID if requested.

On the bus or train Show the operator or fare inspector the animated activation screen.
On Rapid To validate a fare, simply access the QR code validation screen and hold your phone under the scanner.

Choose any seat you like, but remember that the front seats are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. If all seats are occupied, find a safe place to stand.

  • On the bus When you're about a block from your destination, trigger the stop signal by pulling the cord or pushing the “stop” button.
  • On the train There's no need to signal a stop, as the train will stop at every scheduled station.

Your fare buys you convenient, safe transportation to your destination. Service finishes at the end of the route or when a vehicle goes out of service, at which time riders will be asked to de-board.