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CapMetro Vanpool

(Previously MetroRideshare)

Save money on gas and car costs and share the ride! CapMetro makes it easy to find or form a shared ride, provides a vehicle and subsidizes groups that begin or end in its service area. Be part of the solution to pollution!

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Visit our Vanpool partner - Enterprise or call 1-800-VAN 4 WORK

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The program provides eligible groups of 4 to 12 riders with a month-to-month Vanpool lease agreement, including insurance, maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance and an optional fleet card for fuel that is billed monthly with the Vanpool invoice. 

The Vanpool program (formerly known as MetroRideShare) is sponsored by CapMetro and operated by Commute with Enterprise, a national Vanpool service provider. Together, we provide all the services necessary for you to enjoy a comfortable, convenient and economical commute to work.

Vanpool fares vary and are based on vehicle type, commute distance, group size, fuel prices and tolls. The monthly cost is shared by the number of riders. The Vanpool Program provides groups with a monthly subsidy toward the monthly Vanpool lease. 

Groups receive a 50% subsidy paid directly to Commute with Enterprise to be applied towards the monthly rental fare. Commute route must either begin or end within the CapMetro Service Area.

Commuting with a vanpool group lets you take your time back during the ride to work, while gaining other program benefits:

  • Save money Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle and save on gas, parking fees and insurance.
  • Save time Use free time while commuting to read, sleep or get a head start on work by checking emails.
  • Save the environment Eliminate 3 to 11 cars from the road per vanpool while also reducing emissions and your carbon footprint.
  • Potential tax benefits Employers offering voluntary transportation benefits may receive pre-tax benefits through IRS code 132 (f).
  • Reduce parking congestion Do your part to free up spaces in company parking lots.
  • Sustainability Expand your company's environmental commitment.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home For an annual membership fee of $5, get reimbursed up to four alternate rides home per calendar year (January 1 through December 31) for unexpected emergencies while at work.

If you're worried about how you'll get home in case of an emergency and thus hesitant to take a Vanpool, then we've got you covered. The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides registered Express, Flyer, Rail and Vanpool customers with a taxi ride home from work in the event of an emergency. For an annual membership fee of $5, you can register and get reimbursed for up to 4 emergency taxi rides a year. Maximum annual benefit is $194.

For more information about the program, please contact Enterprise at:

Web: Enterprise 
Enterprise Open-Weekdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 
1-800-VAN 4 WORK Dial 1-800-826-4967

What is a Vanpool? 

A Vanpool is a group of 4 or more people who regularly travel together in a Vanpool vehicle for the purpose of commuting to and from work. It's like a carpool, only bigger! The program provides Vanpool groups with a month-to-month lease agreement that includes the vehicle, maintenance, insurance, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Vehicles are leased through CapMetro's vendor Commute with Enterprise.   

Who is eligible to participate in the Vanpool program? 

Anyone traveling to and/or from the CapMetro service area for work purposes is eligible to participate.   

How do the Vanpool logistics work? 

In the process of forming a Vanpool, the vendor will work with the Vanpool driver to determine the best route based on everyone's home and work locations. Vanpools riders meet at a Park & Ride or central meeting location (church parking lot, store parking lot, etc.) or other agreed upon locations before work and are dropped off there after the workday has ended. When a new passenger is added to the group, the route may be changed to accommodate his/her work location. The group collectively decides if routes need to be changed. 

What is the cost of a Vanpool? 

Groups with an origin or destination in the CapMetro service area are eligible to receive 50% subsidy paid directly to Commute with Enterprise to be applied towards the monthly rental fare. In exchange for the monthly subsidy, Vanpool groups are required to participate in program surveys and log their Vanpool trips each month online using a trip tracking system. Riders share the cost of the monthly lease, fuel, tolls, and any other commute-related expense. The monthly cost will depend on the vehicle type chosen by the group, commute distance and the number of riders. 

What types of vehicles are available? 

Vehicle options range from 7-passenger SUVs to full size 8- and 12-passenger vans. There are two seating types of 12-passenger vans, bench or luxury. ADA compliant vehicles are available upon request. 

How are fares paid? 

Vanpool fares are paid to Commute with Enterprise. Online payments make it easy to pay and manage the Vanpool account. Changes in the price of fuel and number of participants may affect the monthly costs. Since the overall cost of the Vanpool is split among participants, the more riders, the lower the individual cost per rider. 

How do I start a Vanpool, or join a Vanpool? 

To start a new Vanpool, you will need to find people who share similar commute patterns and working hours. The minimum number to begin a Vanpool is 4 or half the seating capacity of the chosen vehicle. However, the goal is to increase the group to the seating capacity over time. To find an existing Vanpool that fits with your commute, please contact Commute with Enterprise to request a ride match. 

Once I join a Vanpool, what is my commitment? 

The Vanpool program is a month-to-month commitment. If any rider leaves the group, they should give a 30-day notice to the coordinator/primary driver. If the group decides at some point to end its Vanpool, they will be required to give a 30-day notice in writing to the vendor. 

How is fuel paid?  

Each Vanpool has the option to have a fuel card.  

Who drives the vehicle? 

At least one person from the group needs to volunteer and apply to be the coordinator/primary driver and sign the Vanpool lease agreement with the vendor. Best practice is to have two or more riders volunteer to be alternate drivers to step in when needed. Only drivers approved (in writing) by Commute with Enterprise are allowed to drive. 

Where does the vehicle get parked at night?  

The vehicle can be left at the meeting point or an authorized driver may take it home.   

Can the vehicle be used for personal trips?  

The vendor allows up to 200 additional personal miles per month to be used by an approved driver for incidentals during commute.   

How is vehicle maintenance handled?  

The vendor pays for preventative maintenance, minor and major repairs. In the event that the vehicle must be kept in a shop overnight, the vendor will provide a loaner vehicle. Roadside assistance is also covered, 24/7, in the event of a vehicle breakdown. 

Is the vehicle insured?  

The vendor provides insurance coverage including auto liability and uninsured motorists. 

Who makes the rules for the Vanpool?  

Each group makes its own rules, and each rider should be familiar with them. The vendor may offer suggestions and assist when the group is unable to resolve a concern.   

Can I ride the Vanpool part-time?  

It is up to the discretion of the Vanpool group to allow part-time riders as long as a seat is available. Generally, participation is month-to-month and is for the entire month.   

Are children allowed to ride?  

Due to insurance and legal requirements, Vanpooling is not an option for families needing rides for school-age children, and Vanpooling may not be used for transporting children to and from school. No one under the age of 18 may ride in the vehicle.  

What happens when a driver is ill, or on vacation?  

The group should have an alternate driver to step in when the coordinator/primary driver is ill or on vacation. If there are alternate drivers, the group should have coverage for the days when others are out. 

What if I need to leave work unexpectedly?  

CapMetro's Guaranteed Ride Home program provides registered Vanpool riders with a ride home in the event of an emergency from work. For an annual membership fee of $5, each rider can register and get reimbursed for up to four emergency rides a calendar year. Maximum reimbursement annually is $194.