Photograph of a CapMetro bus sitting next to a bus stop sign with a NaviLens code on it.

Introducing Accessible Wayfinding Technology

Navigating the built environment to access transit can be difficult for people who are blind or low vision.

CapMetro is initiating the Accessible Wayfinding Technology Project (AWTP) to improve wayfinding for individuals with disabilities, specifically those who are blind and have low vision. Wayfinding is the process of navigating through the transit ecosystem with confidence. Our goal is to enhance accessibility so that people with disabilities can navigate through the transit system with ease and confidence.

We're Pilot Testing NaviLens

We have selected NaviLens as our initial accessible wayfinding technology for pilot testing. NaviLens (NL) codes are placed at select bus stops listed below. By scanning these codes using a mobile camera, members of the blind or low-vision community can receive contextualized route information including the stop ID, route, direction and next departure information. The app also announces how far away the user is from the code and which direction they need to move to get closer.

Until December, we are pilot testing NaviLens to optimize the rider experience before launch. We are testing the software's wayfinding features for fixed-route riders with a range of disabilities as well as those who work closely with them. A survey link has been built into NaviLens codes, allowing riders to provide real-time feedback.

Help Us Test NaviLens 

    Become a pilot tester by downloading the NaviLens App and visiting one of the bus stops equipped with a NaviLens code. Access list of stops below on this page.

    Apple Users

    Android Users

    Questions? Contact Louise Friedlander, our Accessible Transportation Specialist, at 512-568-4134

    Bus Stops with NaviLens Codes

    After you've downloaded the NaviLens GO app, you can test their QR codes at any of the following bus stops:

    Bus Stop IDAddress
    484Triangle Station (Southbound)
    1058Sunshine Station Northbound
    10594801 Sunshine (Criss Cole Rehab)
    1349650 Pleasant Valley/7th
    1368501 Pleasant Valley/5th
    1369651 Pleasant Valley/7th
    2803500 Pleasant Valley/5th
    33372730 7th and Pleasant Valley WB 
    45214800 Sunshine Drive
    5877Sunshine Station Southbound
    9382789 7th and Pleasant Valley EB  
    610Triangle Station (Northbound)
    10272433 Pleasant Valley/Oltorf
    10282209 Pleasant Valley/Sheringham
    1346850 Pleasant Valley/Webberville
    1347820 Pleasant Valley/Lyons
    1352104 Pleasant Valley/Cesar Chavez
    13531108 Pleasant Valley/Lakeshore
    13562502 Oltorf/Pleasant Valley
    13641100 Pleasant Valley/Lakeshore
    1365517 Pleasant Valley (Krieg Field)
    1366Pleasant Valley/2nd
    1372819 Pleasant Valley/Lyons
    1373851 Pleasant Valley/Webberville
    35272316 Pleasant Valley/Anken
    42831400 Pleasant Valley/Lakeshore
    42841225 Pleasant Valley/Elmont
    42881820 Pleasant Valley (HEB)
    42982316 Pleasant Valley/Sheringham
    5032516 Pleasant Valley/Lakeshore
    51502749 Govalle/Webberville
    5606Crestview Station (Southbound)
    57791717 Pleasant Valley/Riverside
    5860Crestview Station (Northbound)
    64282007 Pleasant Valley/Riverside
    4746814 Lamar/Justin
    4756600 Lamar/Brentwood
    4766200 Lamar/Denson
    5861Brentwood Station (Southbound)
    4805528 Lamar/Koenig
    6360North Loop East Station (Southbound)
    4835106 Lamar/51st
    4854500 Guadalupe/45th
    486Guadalupe/43rd Street
    487Guadalupe/41st Street
    5405Hyde Park Station (Southbound)
    490Guadalupe/34th Street
    535731st Street Station (Southbound)
    20032900 Guadalupe/29th
    494Guadalupe/27th Street
    5863UT Dean Keeton Station (Southbound)
    497UT West Mall Station (Southbound)
    10422231 Guadalupe/West Mall UT
    5864UT Dean Keeton Station (Northbound)
    56342819 Guadalupe/29th
    60331st Street Station (Northbound)
    606Hyde Park Station (Northbound)
    6094413 Guadalupe/45th
    28776904 Airport/Lamar 
    5538Crestview Station Platform
    6115007 Lamar/51st
    612North Loop East Station (Northbound)
    6135419 Lamar/Nelray
    6145555 Lamar/Nelray
    5862Brentwood Station (Northbound)
    6176201 Lamar/Denson
    6186541 Lamar/Brentwood
    5864UT Dean Keeton Station (Northbound)
    5865UT West Mall Station (Northbound)
    63101115 45th/Bellvue
    12314217 Freidrich/St Elmo
    10601100 49th/Grover


    More About NaviLens

    The NaviLens app announces how far away the user is from the code which ideally is located on a pole or shelter element. NaviLens offers translation in up to 38 languages and specialized QR codes (NL codes) that are weather-resistant and can be sized up or down to be read from distances as great as sixty feet.