MetroRapid Improvements

Among the first services to come online as part of the Project Connect program will be two new MetroRapid routes serving East Austin and other parts of the Eastern Crescent. While there are four MetroRapid routes included in Project Connect, the first two broke ground in the winter of 2021-22 and are scheduled to go into service in 2025.

The northeast end of the route will be a Park & Ride at the Expo Center with 150 parking spaces. It will connect customers to medical, educational, residential and commercial areas, as well as to downtown at Republic Square.

The Expo Center line will broaden access to opportunities along the route, which includes key educational and employment centers. It also will connect to the Orange Line, Blue Line, Red Line and Green Line, giving customers even more transit options to move throughout the city.

This route will provide service from northeast to southeast Austin, opening up access to growth areas for new development and redevelopment, and establishing more frequent, high-quality transit service east of I-35. It will connect customers to destinations like:

  • Mueller
  • The Springdale Shopping Center
  • ACC Eastview
  • Austin Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Dove Springs
  • Easton Park
  • Goodnight Ranch

The Pleasant Valley line will include connections to the future rail network, with transfers to the Blue Line and Green Line along the route.

Image of Metro Rapids work site