CapMetro's New Courtesy Stop Pilot

CapMetro has launched a pilot program that lets you request a drop-off in between regular stops. The Courtesy Stop pilot is in effect each day after 9 p.m. on all MetroBus and MetroRapid routes, and it's designed to give riders a chance to select safe, well-lit spots to exit the bus closer to their destination.

When to Request a Courtesy Stop

Customers might request a mid-stop drop-off because it is closer to where they’re going, or because it has lighting or sidewalk connectivity that makes them more comfortable using transit at night. Here are a couple examples for when you might request a Courtesy Stop:

  • Someone riding MetroBus Route 1 or the Night Owl 481 on North Lamar, for example, can request to be dropped off between two bus stops directly at the Palms apartment complex (see diagram below).
  • Or, a customer on the 801 or 803 might ask their bus operator to drop them off at a MetroBus stop in between MetroRapid stations.

Map of route along North Lamar with two bus stops called out and an apartment complex labeled in between

How to Request a Courtesy Stop

When you get on the bus, let your bus operator know that you’d like a Courtesy Stop in between regular bus stops and where you’d like to be dropped off. And then, pull the cord or push the stop request button when the bus is at the stop directly before where you’d like to be dropped off.

All Courtesy Stops are at the discretion of bus operators, and operators may decline a stop if they determine the requested location is unsafe for someone to exit the bus.