Pecan Street Spring 2019

Take Cap Metro to Pecan Street Festival

On May 4, Cap Metro brings you to the heart of downtown Austin for Family Fun Day and Pecan Street Festival. MetroRail will run earlier and serve Leander, too, so it's a great day to bring the whole family onto the train!

An Austin tradition celebrating local arts, crafts and music, Pecan Street Fest is a great way to enjoy the creativity of Austin on historic Sixth Street (which used to be called named Pecan Street). It's now easier than ever to access the heart of downtown with our High-Frequency Network coming Every 15 minutes and extra MetroRail service!

And that's fantastic news for families who want to get there and back without the hassle of finding parking and then having to pay the fees. Just hop on board MetroRail - it's a quick ride to Downtown Station at Fourth and Trinity. Or take Routes 4, 7, 10 or 17 to get close to the fest also. And, remember, KIDS RIDE FREE ON ALL CAP METRO SERVICES!

MetroRail service starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 4 and will serve Leander Station that day as well. So, c'mon down, take a train or bus, and go have some fun! See our schedules to find out more.