Stop Name: Braker/Mopac SW Corner

Stop ID: 5452

Southwest Corner of BRAKER and MOPAC - Nearside


All times are estimated. Please arrive at your stop 5 to 10 minutes early.

Weekday (117-1)

Route 3 - Burnet/Manchaca, Southbound

5:08am 5:48am 6:28am 6:58am 7:28am 7:59am 8:28am 9:03am 9:33am 10:03am 10:34am 11:04am 11:33am 12:03pm 12:33pm 1:03pm 1:33pm 2:03pm 2:33pm 3:03pm 3:14pm 3:39pm 4:09pm 4:39pm 5:15pm 5:44pm 6:19pm 6:49pm 7:19pm 7:48pm 8:18pm 8:53pm 9:33pm 10:13pm 10:53pm 11:33pm

Route 392 - Braker, Eastbound

5:33am 6:18am 7:08am 7:58am 8:48am 9:38am 10:28am 11:18am 12:08pm 12:58pm 1:48pm 2:38pm 3:28pm 4:18pm 5:08pm 5:58pm 6:48pm 7:43pm 8:23pm 9:08pm 9:53pm 10:38pm

Saturday (117-4)

Route 3 - Burnet/Manchaca, Southbound

5:48am 6:28am 7:08am 7:48am 8:18am 8:48am 9:19am 9:49am 10:19am 10:49am 11:19am 11:49am 12:19pm 12:49pm 1:19pm 1:49pm 2:19pm 2:49pm 3:19pm 3:49pm 4:19pm 4:49pm 5:19pm 5:59pm 6:39pm 7:18pm 7:58pm 8:38pm 9:18pm 9:58pm 10:38pm 11:18pm

Route 392 - Braker, Eastbound

6:08am 6:53am 7:38am 8:23am 9:10am 9:55am 10:40am 11:25am 12:10pm 12:55pm 1:40pm 2:23pm 3:08pm 3:53pm 4:38pm 5:23pm 6:08pm 6:54pm 7:39pm 8:24pm 9:09pm

Sunday (117-5)

Route 3 - Burnet/Manchaca, Southbound

6:03am 6:43am 7:23am 7:53am 8:23am 8:53am 9:23am 9:53am 10:23am 10:53am 11:23am 11:53am 12:23pm 12:53pm 1:23pm 1:53pm 2:23pm 2:53pm 3:23pm 3:53pm 4:23pm 4:53pm 5:23pm 6:08pm 6:53pm 7:38pm 8:23pm

Route 392 - Braker, Eastbound

6:49am 7:34am 8:19am 9:04am 9:49am 10:34am 11:19am 12:04pm 12:49pm 1:34pm 2:19pm 3:04pm 3:49pm 4:34pm 5:19pm 6:04pm 6:49pm 7:36pm 8:21pm