Public Safety Program

We all play a role in keeping transit safe.

Part of creating a modern approach to public safety is rethinking the roles and responsibilities of its team members.

To provide an appropriate and effective response to the safety needs on transit, our Public Safety Program is composed of three teams that work together in the following approach:

Report Unsafe or Inappropriate Behavior

  • Call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.
  • Report non-emergencies to CapMetro Public Safety dispatchers anonymously using this webform.

File a Report Online

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Public Safety

Trained professionals in the community, equally skilled in customer service and security, ready to assist with everything from transit passes to directions, while ensuring your safety.

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Community Intervention Specialist

On-staff, specialized social workers that assist transit customers directly, connecting them with vital housing, food and healthcare resources.

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Transit Police

Dedicated transit police officers* to address the unique needs of our transit community. Explore engagement opportunities as we finalize this part our public safety strategy.
*Pending TCOLE Certification

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Engage with Us On Public Safety

We are hosting a series of meetings to explain how our Public Safety Program is keeping you safe and to provide an opportunity for our riders to ask questions and share their feedback.

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Our Safety Approach

As the Central Texas transit system continues to grow, CapMetro faces challenges to ensuring public safety such as:

  • Availability and flexibility of staff
  • Service area across multiple jurisdictions
  • Rapid ridership growth
  • Special event management (larger events, held more often)

How does the new approach address the growing challenges?

Our three-team approach for public safety is making rides safer for everyone. Our approach strategically uses resources, ensuring that riders feel safe and get the precise help they need, when they need it. This is how our teams work together:

Public Safety Ambassadors: These front-line customer service ambassadors are our eyes and ears on the ground. They ride CapMetro services and are trained to respond to immediate safety concerns, provide directions and connect riders with appropriate resources.

Community Intervention Specialists: When more comprehensive assistance is needed, our Community Intervention Specialists step in. These on-staff social workers are equipped to connect individuals to essential resources, such as housing, food or healthcare, ensuring a supportive and responsive approach to each unique situation.

Transit Police Officers: For those rare moments when law enforcement is necessary, our dispatchers are on standby to call local police. We are currently building a Transit Police team (pending TCOLE certification) trained specifically for our transit environment, ensuring focused and effective responses.

To enhance safety across our growing system, CapMetro is implementing several key measures and tools:

Enhanced Surveillance: We are increasing the number of security cameras and upgrading safety infrastructure on vehicles and at facilities. This aids in the quicker identification and resolution of issues.

Swift Response: We are committed to reducing response times where possible for both staff and customer concerns, ensuring swift and effective action when needed.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our safety measures extend throughout the area that CapMetro serves, ensuring consistent protection across our facilities and our vehicles.

Direct Support: We are able to provide direct support for our staff through training and policies, allowing us to adapt and implement the most effective safety strategies.

These measures create a Public Safety program that is the right size for today's system and able to support the growth of our region, the services we're planning for tomorrow and the ridership that will come as a result of our Project Connect expansion program.

If you are experiencing an emergency on board, please dial 911. Otherwise, here are more ways to report:

Text-a-Tip to 512-488-4200:
Provide the route you’re riding, Stop ID number where you’re waiting or a street intersection. If applicable, provide the 4-digit vehicle number located inside and outside every CapMetro vehicle. You can do this anonymously. Non emergency? Call the Go Line at 512-474-1200.

Report Online
Use this webform to report an incident.

Use your CapMetro App

  1. Tap the More icon.
  2. Tap "Report Public Safety Issue"
  3. Tap "Report a Problem"

Use the See Say App

  1. Download from the app store and agree to the License Terms.
  2. Search for CapMetro: Select Organization > Transit
  3. Tap "Report a Problem"

More Important Information

Know the Rules

CapMetro's Code of Conduct extends across all vehicle types as well as our stops and transit hubs.  Before you ride, please read these rules and expectations.

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