Public Safety Advisory Committee

CapMetro is growing its Public Safety program. Our new focused approach will better serve customers, staff and the community, and will position the agency to serve the Central Texas of today and the transit system CapMetro is building for tomorrow. 

Part of creating a modern approach to public safety is rethinking the roles and responsibilities of its team members. To gather input and facilitate community involvement for the new program, we formed the Public Safety Advisory Committee. This committee meets to provide input and feedback to CapMetro staff and the Board of Directors, and will help develop and steer the program, including guiding the creation of policies and procedures for the comprehensive program.

The committee meets the last Friday of every other month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and there are other engagements and workgroup opportunities. All regularly scheduled meetings are open to the public. Below you will find upcoming meetings – all sessions are currently virtual, and you do not need to register to attend.

Any eligible person seeking an appointment may apply to be considered at any time. Apply below!


This charter outlines the Public Safety Advisory Committee for CapMetro (the agency, CapMetro) and sets forth its purpose, functions, membership, and roles and responsibilities as an advisory body to CapMetro’s board of directors (board). The President & CEO, or designee, shall engage this committee regarding topics defined as duties of the Public Safety Advisory Committee, based on this charter. The committee shall comply with state law related to CapMetro advisory committees and CapMetro policy. 

A. Duties: 

The Public Safety Advisory Committee may provide recommendations to the agency’s management team and board regarding the following topics regarding the comprehensive public safety program: 

  • Input to the board regarding the creation and review of policies and related procedures and practices. 
  • Input to staff regarding program creation and review of procedures 
  • Identifying opportunities for CapMetro to educate and engage the community on public safety topics 
  • Review and input on quarterly and annual public safety performance goals and metrics 
  • Input to staff regarding the characteristics that staff shall seek out in Transit Police leadership 
  • Input to staff on the development of public safety staff training programs 
  • Input to staff on public safety awareness campaigns and customer information communications 
  • Other topics relevant to the performance of the comprehensive public safety program and community relations. 
  • Other public safety issues raised by the community. 

The advisory committee shall provide reports to the agency’s board regarding their recommendations on the above topics, in accordance section I.B. below. 

B. Integration with CapMetro Board Meetings:

Committee meeting content will reflect standing quarterly or annual topics such as metric reviews as well as review and input on upcoming items at CapMetro board meetings. 

The committee chair or other officer will present the committee report at all board meetings. If unable to attend, public safety staff will report to the board on behalf of the Committee. 


A. Membership: 

The Public Safety Advisory Committee will have 10 total members. 

There shall be two standing members appointed by the President & CEO and confirmed by the board. The standing members shall include: 

  1. A person to represent the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), as recommended by the ATU and affirmed by the President & CEO. 
  2. A person retired from a law enforcement agency from within the CapMetro service area. 

There shall be eight members of the committee appointed by the CapMetro board of directors. Staff shall review applications and generate a list of applicants for board member consideration. Each board member shall nominate one member from the list to be confirmed by the entire board. 

The agency’s board shall consider the appointment of committee members based on the potential member’s application, experience and expertise related to social and criminal justice reform, public safety, social services, community service, professional experience, and personal experience with or relationship to historically marginalized or underserved communities. The board shall consider applicant’s viewpoints, qualifications/experience and demographics with the objective that the committee membership is diverse. The agency’s board shall prefer the appointment of CapMetro customers who also have relevant experience as defined above. Appointed members shall represent themselves individually and not an organization they are affiliated with. 

Appointees must not have a conflict of interest that would impede their ability to serve on the committee. 

Members shall be committed to providing constructive advisory service to the staff and board on how best to develop, engage and improve CapMetro’s comprehensive customer- and frontline- staff-oriented public safety program. 

B. Application for Membership: 

Staff shall widely publicize the membership application throughout the CapMetro service area when the advisory committee has a vacancy or vacancies. Recruitment of potential applicants shall occur through the CapMetro website, social media, stakeholder lists, on-board notices, through coordination with community partners and agencies, media notices, etc., as appropriate. 

C. Terms of Appointment: 

The eight members appointed by the Board shall each serve at the pleasure and concurrently with the nominating board member. 

The standing member who represents the ATU shall serve at the pleasure of the President & CEO and the ATU. If the member is no longer affiliated with the ATU, the organization shall recommend a new person to the President & CEO to represent the ATU on the committee. 

The standing member who is a retired law enforcement member shall serve at the pleasure of the President & CEO. 

D. Meetings 

i. Meeting Schedule: The Public Safety Advisory Committee will meet at least quarterly beginning within 60 days after Board appointments are confirmed. 

ii. Meetings Open to the Public: Meetings are open to the public. Meeting agendas and materials shall be made public via the CapMetro website, and meetings shall include minutes and recordings, both of which shall be posted on the CapMetro website. 

iii. Location: A suitable location will be identified to host Public Safety Advisory Committee meetings that is well-connected to transit, centrally located and comfortable. Virtual meetings will be supported to the extent that they comply with Capital Metro policy and applicable laws. 

iv. Hospitality: Food and beverages will be provided for committee meetings conducted in person. 

v. Participation by Staff: Agency staff shall support each of the committee meetings, including securing and setting up meeting rooms, organizing logistics (i.e., virtual meeting links, ordering food, etc.), providing IT and web support for the meetings, compiling agendas and minutes, etc.

The committee is composed of 10 members appointed by the CapMetro Board with expertise related to social and criminal justice reform, public safety, social service, community service and professional and personal experience, with or a relationship to historically marginalized or underserved communities. One of the 10 seats is reserved for a representative from the Amalgamated Transit Union, and another for a retired law enforcement professional.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Members

Committee MemberAppointed OnTerm EndsAppointed By
Kathryn Kalinowski   12/17/20216/1/2026Dianne Bangle
Luis Osta Lugo
10/23/20236/1/2024Jeffrey Travillion
Lauren Taylor12/17/20216/1/2024Matt Harriss
(Vacant)--Paige Ellis
(Vacant)--Eric Stratton
Monica Sanchez12/17/20216/1/2025Chito Vela
Adam Powell12/17/2021 6/1/2025Leslie Pool
Christian Shelmire12/17/20216/1/2024Becki Ross
Brent Payne (ATU Designated Representative)12/17/2021-Dottie Watkins, President and CEO
Leslie York (Designated Former Law Enforcement Representative)12/17/2021-Dottie Watkins, President and CEO

For more information or to arrange for special accommodations, please contact:

Edna Parra, Access Advisory Committee Liaison


Find Public Safety Advisory Committee meeting dates, invitations and agenda topics as well as minutes and video from past meetings below. Meetings are currently held online.

2023 Meeting Dates Meeting Invitations Agenda Topics (subject to change) Meeting Minutes Meeting Video
Feb. 24, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
 Virtual Meeting
Agenda | PresentationMinutesVideo
Apr. 28, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
 Virtual Meeting
Agenda | PresentationMinutesVideo
Jun. 23, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
 Virtual Meeting
Agenda | PresentationMinutesVideo
Aug. 25, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
 Virtual Meeting
Agenda | PresentationMinutesVideo
Dec. 8, 11:30a.m.-1p.m.
 Virtual Meeting
 Virtual Meeting

For more information or to arrange for special accommodations, please contact:

Edna Parra, Access Advisory Committee Liaison